Saturday, March 28, 2015

Muzaata Launches More Artillery On Buganda -- Etoffali! The Saga continues

THIS MUZAATA IS ON A SUICIDE MISSION PEOPLE.  I KID YOU NOT.  I finally read what he had said that infuriated people.  My take on it was lack of transparency and accountability for the funds is an issue.  Many fundraisers and NGOs and even our own government never provide the books.  Source of funds (how much came in) and where we spent it.  It is basic business practice and it applies to For Profit and Non Profit organisations.  I was just not happy with his choice of words.  Baganda are very polite people, very polite and in fact sometimes too polite.  So to go out and use the words that he used, no wonder the country is up in arms around him.  His PR team need to advise him on choosing his words carefully.  Otherwise, his message had a point.  Now, here is how life works, If you do not use the language which suits your audience, your message will be lost. Please people, know who you are addressing and hopefully use the proper language instead of insulting people.  You all know that masikini is an insult in Uganda so why he chose to use that word is beyond me.  Unless he wanted to use the shock element to get all of us to pay attention.  It has worked though, come to think about it.  However, we are not a culture which is so abrasive that we can abuse people in order to pass on a message.

A new video has emerged, of estranged Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata unleashing more assault on the Kingdom of Buganda.

Sheikh Muzaata recently seemed to touch the wrong button, when he openly critiqued the ongoing kingdom projects of reconstructing the burnt down Kasumbi tombs, and completing a new kingdom building at Bulange in Mengo.

His comments attracted a barrage of pointed affronts, from the Buganda community with several calls for him to openly apologize to the kingdom.

But apology is not an option, it seems; for the voluble Sheikh Muzaata, whose current whereabouts remains abstract.

In the new video, the man of Allah is once again up in arms; with the Katikkiro of Buganda [Prime Minister] and insists that this position ought to the elected, and not appointed.

This campaign he says, he has spearheaded for a long period of time but failed by wrong elements in Mengo; the kingdom headquarters.

Sheikh Muzaata in the video is also irate with the annual fete known as Enkuuka hosted by King Ronald Muwenda Mutebi, at his Palace in Mengo every December 31.

This he says if packed with nothing by sheer madness and immorality, and is too defiled for any serious Muslim to attend.

“It’s about drinking alcohol, eating pork all night. In the morning you can collect 200,000 condoms from the Palace,” he said.

And he’s not done yet. Sheikh Muzaata believes that the palace is filled by thieves who went as far as fleecing contributions for the Kabaka’s wedding in 1999.

“I shudder at people who call themselves, Baganda, singing the Buganda anthem, when deep inside all they care about is themselves not the Kingdom. I don’t why every person that wants steal runs to Mengo…,” continued Muzaata.

Muzaata’s open battle against Buganda has already been disowned by a number of people including his fellow Muslim leaders at Kibuli and Old Kampala.

The Buganda Prime Minister Charles Peter Mayiga, recenely called upon the Sheikh to leave the kingdom projects alone, noting that it doesn’t concern him.

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