Thursday, March 26, 2015


When you adore and worship some African rulers, I wish you could also read all their history.  I am from #Uganda and I am lucky I was never taken as a child soldier (cannot imagine myself with an AK47 or I would shoot everything in site including my commander).  Jokes aside people.  We have many who have returned home and more keep getting released.  I think we have much work to do instead of doing what is currently going on.  Marginalizing them is not the option.  I am not talking about Ongwen (I have written about him and if you missed that piece, it is not my problem).  I am talking about all the ones who are now back home and more to return who have no support system whatsoever.  We shun them for having killed and maimed.  AND yes, we are right to do so.  However, I would like to take a step back and ask yourself how mature you are at the age of 7 or 10?  I could not even comb my own hair.  AND a child can get socialized into anything.  Frankly, had I been told to kill my family in order to stay alive, I would have chosen death.  I love my family far too much to put my life about theirs.  BUT not everyone was raised the way I was raised.  When your hands are being chopped off until you shoot your father or auntie dead, most kids will do it.  AND now imagine if you throw in something from Oliver Twist -- drug them and they have no feelings.  Read Oliver Twist and Great Expectations (Charles Dickens).

The truth is we failed out kids in Uganda and the other countries where little kids were abducted and forced to kill others.  Am I making an excuse for them?  NEVER.  I am just asking you to put yourself in the shoes of their parents.  OMG, if my little Mini were ever abducted, I would burn the whole world to find her. The parents of these kids had nothing, no choice, no help, no authority to go to.  They woke up with their kids missing.  To condemn the parents or the now returning grown men and women who were abducted on their way to fetch water or fire wood is a very big mistake.

I have read about truth and reconciliation.  My question is, who is in charge of the psychological trauma that these people lived through?  I expect an answer or an explanation.  A child of 7,8,9,10 not even 16yrs is mature enough to make independent decisions.

Set up a strong system to help our returning people to return to their families and communities.  While doing that, set up an elder's support committee as they are the ones who have the families of the returnees and the ones who are now returning.

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ps: You can read more about child soldiers on wikipedia OR even a plain Google search with the key words of "Child Soldiers Africa".

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