Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Who is MALCOM MATSIKO? Comrade Matsiko is a Ugandan born in Igara Bushenyi district. Son of late Alfred B Ruhonoka and Mrs Joy Sanyu B Ruhonoka. He joined Makerere in 1998/99 admitted to the faculty of Social Science taking Economics, political science and Sociology. Comrade Matsiko actively participated in national politics at the time seeking for reform. While studying he joined the Elect Kizza Besigye task team as a student coordinator in central Uganda. His studies were interrupted by hostile reaction from government at the time.Comrade Matsiko abandoned the University course for dear life and many of his colleagues were rounded up and sent to jail, killed or held in safe houses. Exile life: After 2001 life in Uganda for many young activists was made unbearable by the Museveni led regime. Many were labelled PRA rebels and hunted down like animals. Comrade Matsiko's life was saved by Mr Karekyezi and Mr Joseph Tumushabe that enabled him to flee into exile. Museveni spy agents were up and about at the time raiding residences of young and old supporters of Dr.Kizza Besigye. Going into exile was the only safest option available to most of the well known reform cadres like comrade Matsiko. In 2002-2005 life in Nairobi Kenya and Botswana. External mobilisation started. 2006 Comrade Matsiko attempts to re enter Uganda but his stay in Uganda was shortlived because of Security reasons on the ground and Kampala in particular
FDC formed and multiparty elections held but the illegal regime that stole votes still in place. Comrade Matsiko officially leaves Uganda for exile in the republic of South Africa. Spent two years in Johannesburg and on alive joins FDC chapter in Southern Africa. Matsiko as a youth wing mobiliser gets nominated in 2009 as the chairman for the Youth serving on Uganda Civil Alliance Network. In his capacity as youth chairman together with other members organises a series of anti NRM/Museveni activities like demos, picketing, diplomatic engagements, public and press awareness of the the international community concerning the plight of oppressed Ugandans. This public awareness done in media especially SABC focus on Africa programmes, SA fm radio news and other media houses. In 2011 Matsiko enters Uganda again mainly to take part in the FDC national presidential campaigns. Matsiko campaigns in several districts for FDC candidates and the FDC/IPC Presidential candidate. He witnesses the brutality, rigging and political manipulations by NRM and Museveni security apparatus
Returns to South Africa to continue with the mobilsation work under FDC, UCAN and the Uganda community in southern Africa. Comrade Matsiko together with comrade Masaba in Canada participate in the formation of a global pressure group called FRIENDS OF UGANDA in 2012(FOU) this particular platformwas formed to expose atrocities of NRM regime under Museveni and his deputies. Many of the articles and activies of the group can be traced on its website or facebook group page FRIENDS OF UGANDA (FOU) 2012. Also extra literature is online and leading newspapers locally and globally detailing the activities of comrade Matsiko in the struggle to rid Uganda of oppression and corrupt regime of Museveni. Malcom Matsiko is a prominent member of UAH. As Ugandan international activist and politician Comrade Matsiko is the forefront of fighting for democracy , freedoms and all basic human rights underpinned by the rule of law in Africa and Uganda in particular. He has featured in many global media for his activism and selfless service of humanity. Matsiko as a fearless defend of the will of the people Uganda continues to inspire many Ugandans young and old to stand on their feet and pro actively demand for their rights and dignity. He is a notable supporter and strong campaigner of Pro democracy politicians namely Dr. Kizza Besigye, Hon Nathan Nandala Mafabi, Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, the Buganda kingdom( Comrade Matsiko was interviewed as the leader of Diaspora Uganda Youth to explain the deadly confrontations that rocked Uganda in Sept 2009 during the Buganda youth riots protesting restricting of Buganda traditional leaders from accessing K ayunga on a mission to visit and mobilise subjects for development. He is also advocate for change and also supports FU plus its leader Gen. David Sejusa. Comrade Matsiko supports a free press in Uganda. He is also behind the campaign to get rid of T he Muhoozi project
Corruption and youth unemployment in Uganda. Malcom Matsiko supports strongly student rights in Uganda. He also calls for fair and free elections and above all the formation of an independent electoral body. Comrade Matsiko is a vocal critic of Mr Yoweri Museveni's continued manipulation of institutions and unsuspecting majority of Ugandans. He stands for better infrastructures in Uganda and basically stomach infrastructure. Comrade Matsiko has vowed to ensure no Ugandan living and working in our country goes to bed at night to sleep on an empty stomach once he is voted President of Uganda in 2016 polls. At the age of 37 comrade Matsiko is ready serve as Ugandan President for next five years. He is a determined politician with a wealth of experience derived from both domestic national and international politics and diplomacy. He therefore implores all Ugandans particular the youth to register in millions and take part in rescuing country. He also calls upon senior citizens to grab this chance and help bring about a new dawn in Uganda. FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY.

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