Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Lawyers Mourn State Prosecutor Joan Kagezi Murder - #Uganda

The reality, and let all of the ones who care in Uganda raise their voices... the reality is under no circumstances should Joan Kagezi ever have been without security forces around her.  So we have Kayihura who is not persecuting the Terrorists he arrested, showing up with a convoy of 4 cars (apparently).  Then we have this woman with no body guard or security around her, driving herself when she has to face what Uganda calls Al Shabaab terrorists the next day.  THIS after some bearded men were arrested from church in Lubaga.  So you keep teasing Al Shabaab and Al Qaeda for possible attacks on you.  Were you to take those threats seriously, you would protect the prosecutors.  YOU owe Uganda  good  explanation and a thorough investigation.  May her soul rest in peace.  AND this UPDF joining the hunt for the killers, why was UPDF not protecting her in the first place?  AND now you ask where all the street kids go after childhood?  Did it every occur to you that unemployment, hunger and desperation can lead to many problems in your country?  Did you even ever consider that demolishing many structures in Kampala, Entebbee and now even Mbale can lead to problems?  Did you ever think about the fact that arresting street vendors and preventing them from making a living might lead to problems?  Did you ever stop to think that killing the kids of the vendors might cause a fury like you have never seen?  DO you know that constrantly persecuting the unemployed and hungry will cause a back lash?  We are not stupid.  Do not dare blame this murder on grown street kids.  Many influential people in Uganda keep getting murdered and what is your response to all that?  RIP Joan Kagezi.

Shocked and heartbroken, Ugandans have Monday taken to social media platforms Twitter and Facebook to mourn the death of Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions, Joan Kagezi, with fellow lawyers describing the deceased as “extremely brilliant,” “brutally honest” and “committed servant of justice.”
Kagezi was today trailed by armed gunmen up to Kiwatule trading centre in Kampala before shooting her in the head.
Edgar Tabaro, a prominent lawyer, told ChimpReports in an exclusive interviewtonight that Kagezi was a “brilliant prosecutor,” adding, “no doubt she was set to be a judge.”
Tabaro said Kagezi was “highly qualified” and that she rose to the position of Deputy DPP on merit.
“By the fact that she was entrusted to handle this terrorism trial, it showed the confidence they had in her.”

Another lawyer, David Mpanga, Tweeted: “Joan Kagezi was a Prosecutor not a judge. It is a tragedy that she should be killed for doing her job.”
Kiwatule residents whom this website talked to said they were still struggling to absorb the agony and shock triggered by today’s shooting.
“This was the worst incident in our lives. We took cover as soon as we heard the shooting. It was a deliberate murder because she was the only person targeted,” said J Katusiime, a fruit seller at the Kiwatule market who witnessed the murder.
Police deployed heavily in Kiwatule after Kagezi's murder (Photos: Pat Larubi/Chimpreports)
Police deployed heavily in Kiwatule after Kagezi’s murder (Photos: Pat Larubi/Chimpreports)
Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga said police have deepened investigations into the incident.
“We are now at the scene with the IGP (Gen Kale Kayihura). We will issue a statement as soon as possible when we have all the facts that we need,” he told ChimpReports by telephone.
He said at the moment Police could not confirm the cause of murder that has rocked the nation.
Lawyer Tabaro said an in-depth investigation is needed to investigate “where do all the street kids go after childhood? Don’t they engage in criminal activities?”
Kagezi was one of the state’s senior attorneys prosecuting terrorism suspects in the Kyadondo and Ethiopian Village restaurant bombings of 2010.
The case was expected to resume on Tuesday.

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