Friday, March 20, 2015


In our rush to bring timely information to Ugandans, some of us print and post or share things which are not verified.  This is not right.  We ruin our relationship with our people. Surely, we do not want to be labeled as hounds for reaching for anything to please the people.  All my friends I know who are Ugandan origin or living in Uganda work hard to bring factual information to our people.  Consequently, we must be very careful about what we share on Face Book.  I mention FaceBook because that seems to be the social media for Uganda as many can use their phones and FBzero (no internet charges for this) to read the news and what we share with them.

Most of us always put references or links to the media source about what we post.  However, I have seen many post things without providing the original source.  Yes, sure, I do write a lot but I always stamp everything with my name and contact information.  If you do not have the courage to provide your contact information and you choose to post other people's work without providing the original link to the source, then you make a very big mistake.  People will think you wrote the article and most times you did not write it.  Plagiarism is a crime.  Start giving people credit for their work if you are going to post their work.

When it comes to news, most of us have access to the people on the ground.  I normally ask the person sending me the information if I can mention that it came via them.  Main reason being that I want the original information provider to be acknowledged.  Then we have the ones who literally copy other people's work and put their names on the article.  WHAT are you thinking?  Eventually the original author will find it and shame you.  Stop this.  Imitation is the best compliment so the original author will be acknowledged and s/he will thank you.

Journalists risk their lives daily to inform us.  So why use their work without giving them credit?  Eventually you will come up for some big job and when interviewed, the interviewer will show you that you copied someone else's work. Even if it is off someone's blog, mention the person who writes the blog or if the person is anonymous, put the link for that blog on what you share or post.

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