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ANYONE REMEMBER WHEN I POSTED THIS LAST YEAR?  SHE LIKES  UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (of course she got in, kid has a 95-100 grade point).  Well, it is up to her to let the Universities know where she is going though.  We are down to Dalhousie, UofT and MacMaster.  I do not remember my life at age of 17yrs
Most of you do not know about Trinity College at University of Toronto.  Most of our Canadian leaders went through that college.  It is not easy to get in.  I assure you that I did not help our daughter to write anything in her application there. Well, I write so horribly.  Congratulations Rebecca.  You did it all on your own.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014
Ugandan Graduates have to learn to write properly and articulate well.
Below is an application that our daughter submitted for one college at the University of Toronto.  She is likely not even going there as she got admitted into Dalhousie Unviversity Medical Sciences when she was 16. She will join University when she is 17yrs old.  The point of sharing what our daughters write is to tell #Ugandans to make an effort to write properly.
Describe your principal activities and interests beyond the classroom and tell us how they have contributed to your development. What role will extra-curricular activities play in your life as a Trinity College student?

Up until high school, I had never participated in many extracurricular activities. I was quite shy and unsure of my talents or abilities. Once I entered my first year of high school, I wanted to develop a better sense of who I was and what I was good at. I saw extra-curricular activities as a way of discovering myself. I have been actively involved in them since.
I am currently involved in Student Council, Drama Club, Graduate Committee, and music lessons.
Student Council helped me discover my passion for leadership. I have learned through the governing of my peers how to take on responsibility and how to see the potential in others.
My participation in my school's Drama Club has contributed to my presentation and people skills. Memorizing lines, cues, and entrances all while being able to deliver an engaging performance has brought out the natural speaker in me. I have learned how to create welcoming atmospheres for the people around me.
In my final year of high school, I was finally eligible to become president of the Graduate Committee. My graduate class is made up of born leaders and strong personalities, so it follows that I developed good negotiating skills. My ability to ease tensions and presenting appealing compromises has saved our class from too many meetings spent arguing.
I have been taking piano lessons since age four and guitar lessons since age eleven. My ability to solve abstract relational problems and create new solutions for those problems has come mainly from music study. I find music allows people to express and exercise their creativity to an extent that quite a few mediums of creativity cannot.

If accepted into Trinity College, extra-curricular activities will help me to continue to develop as a person. I want to attend university not just to learn what I need to know for a future career, but also to learn what I need to know to live. I believe that extra-curricular activities can help shape a person and help them find their strengths. I hope to continue with some activities that I am currently involved in and hopefully discover more that will facilitate my personal growth. If accepted, I look forward to what Trinity College has to offer.

Write a creative piece in reaction to the image .
The subject of human nature has been one of theological debate for as long as we have been introspective. Often, human nature has been said to be a question of whether we are inherently good or bad. I am not a theologian, and I make no attempts to resolve this argument. However, I have noticed an interesting trait of humans that I believe is an integral part of human nature, regardless of whether we are good or evil.
The instinct to survive is a driving force for all creatures - humans are no exception. A phenomenal thing begins to happen though when humans are surviving: they start to live.
Once humanity reached the point where they could figure out a way to meet their basic needs, we started doing things that were not essential for survival. We started to do things for enjoyment.
Humans created song and art to convey emotion and entertain others. We built magnificent structures to show that we could achieve such amazing things. We started to make clothes, not for function, but for fashion. We performed plays, invented luxury cars, and domesticated wild animals for companionship. We created bubbles.
There is no explanation for how humans spending the time and energy figuring out how best to mix soap and other chemicals to create a pocket of air suspended in a film of water would benefit our survival. We did it for our personal entertainment and amusement; we did it for fun. If you give a child a container of bubbles, they can spend an entire afternoon blowing, popping, and chasing them. Bubbles are used to create a fun atmosphere at parties and concerts. They are a symbol of fond childhood memories. They are a representation of how humans do not just survive. They live.
The peoples of this earth have faced many great catastrophes. From natural disasters to genocide, an incredibly wide variety of horrible things have befallen the human race. So many cultures, nations, and communities have had to start again from the beginning. Some have not been able to. However, humanity keeps going. We fight to survive; and when we survive, we live.
When we survive, we make bubbles.

By Rebecca Denise Lefranc
Moncton, Canada
Citizen of France, Canada and Uganda
Age 17yrs.
Moncton Christian Academy (MCA)

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