Saturday, March 21, 2015


Bugiri LC5 Byelections : So I am back from the battle field.Great resistance and wonderful performance by the people. Despite two weeks of waves and waves of open money distribution for votes in all villages of the district, our FDC candidate who never gave out even one shilling to any voter won the election. Never mind that they EC were forced to declared the wrong results amidst protests as they advised us to go to Court. And to court we are surely going if only to expose and fight impunity of NRM officials led by their power drunk new SG. Like it happened to her predecessors, Kibirango, Kategaya, Wapakabulo and Amama her sad time will certainly come. Then she will return to earth and rejoin us.
After realizing that their massive voting buying was not working, they decided to go for vote stuffing. But they had to sort out our polling agents first.That would not be easy. So the task was given to the police headed by cadre AiGP Flex Kaweesi. Kaweesi started by "arresting" our candidate's Task Force
chair, Councillor Babu who was delivered to him in his operational base in Gilgal hotel. In the Hotel, Kaweesi asked our captive chair to make a deal with him if he wanted his freedom. The deal was that the chair gives them our polling agents appointment letters and does not deploy our agents at certain stations.
If Babu agreed to that then he would be freed and given Shs 2m. He decided to fool Kaweesi so as to regain his freedom and report to us the new developments. Happy cadre Assistant Inspector General of Police Kaweesi pulled out his wallet, counted Shs 1,000,0000 and handed it to Babu as part payment. The balance was to be paid upon delivery of the blue blank agent letters ! When Babu reappeared ,( for we had been looking for him) he made a report to us and we decided to hide him till after the elections.
But Kaweesi and his RPC Chemonges and FFU commander Kasawulira did not give up. Next they went to one of our remotest far off , Iwemba
and arrested all our polling station agents. Thanks to the mobile phones, we quickly mobilized and replaced them. Again and co were beaten. So they became desparate as time was running out. The NRM in collaboration with EC had prepared some stuffed ballot boxes which they planned to switch with genuine ones at certain stations where they had bribed our agents who they had convinced to sign blank the Declaration Forms early in the morning.
Operation switch boxes started at Butegwa Mosque in Nankoma Subcounty on the Musiita- Lumino Road in broad day light.A long chasis monister looking white Landrover vehicle Reg. UAV 488W carrying police officers ,NRM cadres and one EC supervisor was used to ferry the stuffed boxes.At Butegwa four men jumped out of the monster car, headed to the polling station, grabbed six unused ballot papers booklets containing 300 ballots, carried off the ballot box and rushed to their car. They then switched the box with another from the car, left where they had parked the car and sped off.Luckily an alert citizen captured the crime on phone camera. I arrived at this scene about 20 minutes later and the wanaichi told me the sad story.Shame upon you afande Kaweesi.A police force third in command heading a rigging operation of a party!. When it became difficult to switch boxes, our agents were paid to allow NRM local chairs to ballot stuff. A case of Busimbi primary school polling station was classic. Even voters around who witnessed Nankoma Subcounty NRM chair pay and then several times stuff the ballot box were too bribed to keep quiet. One of them bargained up to Shs 20,000 for himself which he showed to us later at the station.The case was reported to police. But one commander Twala of FFU unit who arrived at the scene of crime simply said that the voting should continue. When I arrived Twala drove away with his patro squad of about ten officers, There were more crimes committed throughout the district which will be put on record in court if only for future reference .

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