Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Generally, the people who go into the teaching profession do it for the love of educating future leaders. It saddens my heart to see where #Uganda is.  The country does not respect teachers. We pay liars and thieves more than we pay teachers.  This is incomprehensible.

I come from a long line of educators.  Right from our father to my siblings.  Father taught Telecommunication at Kenyatta Institute of Technology and Nakawa Institute of Technology and at another school in Arusha. We love to teach.  We love it like it is the air we breath.

My siblings Wambete, Wakoma, Lois, Tabitha, Wamono, Apollo, Nambale, etc.. they teach with a passion.  Some of you might even know them.  I did not go into the teaching profession because I am a very impatient teacher but I do teach with a passion as you can see from some of my work.

Uganda takes the students who fail the national exams into the teaching profession.  This hardly makes sense.  We want the brightest ones to be the teachers.  If we do not pay them well and add incentives, they will not teach.  I do not teach because Academia pays so little.  My brother Wamono even went into private business because his teaching of Phsycics, Maths and Chemistry was not paying enough.  Even as I write this, my other siblings are considering ditching the teaching profession.  Yesterday I was talking to one of the girls, the Civil Engineer and she confirmed my feelings about this.  She said that the most rewarding thing in her life is to see someone she has trained become big in life.  The younger ones are no different.  The kids were tutoring other kids from when they were in P3 (Gr 3 equivalent) in Maths, English and Science.  You see, even kids know what is great in the world.

I have many other friends in Uganda who are teachers and would teach passionately but we are not paying them enough to do it.  Well, they are more or less my sisters and brothers.

What I would like to see is the salaries of all the teachers raised up so that we can have the brightest people shaping our nation. Until we recognize the value of our teachers, we shall languish in poverty and illiteracy.  Hey, do not think that being on FB qualifies you as an educator.  Till you can prove to us your writing and your knowledge to uplift a country.  We only have 5 yrs to become Middle Class.  So let us work hard.

I have someone in mind who should become the next Minister of Education for #Uganda. He knows himself.
My life has been shaped by teachers.  Nelson was hard on me.. had me fluent in English before I even went to school.  Dr. Ddungu was tough on my English and Science.  Dr. Clement refused to let me sleep through school and taught me about the discipline of research and writing.  I had great friends (2) who had to edit my research project weekly.  One of them is going for her PhD to teach.  Oh my gosh Annie was never easy on me.  No wonder she gets along so well with her nieces.  The kids are more disciplined than I ever was.  Annie, you are an amazing aunt.  Her husband Doug looked at my first Business Plan and slammed down so hard I learned how to write business plans... oh,, it was nuts to see all the red but he said "get this from a friend instead of an enemy". I did.  So if you have a business plan, throw it at me. Hong Kong and Japan do not leave any stone un turned.  The best is yet to come.

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