Friday, January 30, 2015


They use their phones to contact anyone and everyone, saying nothing.  Enough.  We need to rebuild our education system.  When I was young in that country, I would only contact people if I had a question that I thought they had an answer  to.  These kids these days just jump out of the blue and constantly with nothing. When you ask them "what can I do for you today". their reply is usually "w r u s rud".  What the???

We have a generation of kids showing the entire world how stupid our education system is.  It was never like this.  Uganda has always had the best education system in the world.  I have no idea what happened when I left that country.  Maybe I should have stayed behind because I hate bad education.  Okay, I will return anytime now to put a stop to this nonsense.  Watch every plane that lands in EBB with the label of Air Canada.  Bwahahahaha.

Today is blocking day.  Next week, I will have unblocking day (if ever).  Why do #Ugandans feel it necessary to inbox?  And then they send their pictures, their age, their qualifications????  I beg you to read my profile.  I am married.  I am not an employer.  I am not hunting for anything of any kind.  For the love of God, stop inboxing me!!!  You people make Face Book a horrible experience.  HOWEVER, MY GREAT FRIENDS AND FAMILY make it a wonderful experience.  Listen, if I need anything from you, I will inbox you.  If I have questions that I think you could answer, I will contact you.  All the people I communicate with know themselves and you are certainly not one of them.  Stop calling me swiri... it is so bloody annoying I feel like screaming.  Then asking me which secondary school I am in.. sheesh!!!  ENOUGH!!!  I need a body guard.  Theodore just feels like biting everyone so he may not be the best one. STOP LAUGHING, this is happening to me hourly.

By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa District)

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