Thursday, January 29, 2015


Frank Tumwebaze cannot be guilty for worshipping in his Father's shrine. The NRM is founded on theft
When they left for the bush they never took hoes and machetes. They went with hands and legs. Stealing was part of their agenda. They stole and plundered. They deceived and lied and took. From cassava to guns. There was no sweat ever lost, they stole.
In all the years in the bush no one talks of gardens they planted. Working the land was not on the agenda. Trading was not part of the formula.
Public and private resources were stolen at will. Banks and cooperatives properties too were stolen. Nothing was too sacred even children were co-opted and made to steal and carry loot. All under the guise of survival.
Even after they came out of the bush they lied, they stole. Bank of Uganda was like a granary for the army officers. UCB followed. Cooperative Bank was on line. The Railways and companies were plundered on a silver platter. What could not be stolen in the conditions it was was injected with public resources before it was handed over to another gang.
Next on line was AIDS money. The military purchases. Then twisting business men's arms. The NRM was not about to start asking members to contribute. It instead buys and pays supporters.
Budgets and supplementary budgets without accountability. Then classified expenditure. Public works that were never as per specifications. Valley dams that only remained in dreams. All money was stolen. Even the Auditor General must be tired.
So how can Frank Kajiji Tumwebaze be guilty of towing the party line. The "Correct Line"? Or have we forgotten as Minister for Presidency he has to ensure the President stays in power and appear he is in power because of people's support. That means supporting the vote rigging machinery and paying the fake people that are now flooding social media to divert public attention. He also has to manage the President's praise singers. He is in charge of the evil deeds desks ... If you know what this is. Stealing money, dealing with dubious bankers and phoney accounts for delivering the cash at the right time are all part of his brief. So Frank can only be guilty not for stealing but for not stealing enough in good time.

Please note that the Above article was written by Joseph Tumushabe (Ugandan Origin), not me.

I would like to draw your attention to what else has been written about this culture of stealing.  

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