Friday, January 30, 2015


A lot of things have changed in that school since when I was there with some of my best friends around the world and non of them are Ugandans.

We used to have movie day once a week.  Usually on Fridays.  You should see the facilities.  I watched Cry the Beloved Country on the theatre in that school.  I was taught to enjoy classical music on the school piano and my friend from Belgium ensured I paid attention.  We had a great time there.  I do not understand why Ugandan kids do not want to apply to such a place.  We had community and school service.  We were young yes but we grew from learning about responsibility.  We were so far away from home.  Most of us cried ourselves to sleep wishing we could be back home in our boarding schools.

One day, in my tears, I wrote to my father (him and I always wrote each week to each other) and told him that I was far away from home and missed his letters (weekly).  It was not his letters missing because him and my sister wrote weekly.  Oh, that was my bread even in the boarding schools in Uganda and they did it when I was in Canada.  It was just the distance.  Because I could not call them to take me home when I was sick.  The school was phenomenal for understanding this.  The cost to call home was something like $3.45 a minute and I could not afford to call home.  I learned to live on the letters.  My father and my sister were right beside me.  I got those letters weekly (like in Namugongo and Namagunga).  Love never fails.

What I am struggling with is Ugandans who fail to realise that a full scholarship to UWC schools opens doors for you.  You are now in a world of its own.  You can text, skype and FB home any minute.  Yes, you will miss home but it will never be like the first group of people who came when the Internet was not what it is today.  I would do this 1000 times over for the learning, the opportunities and the global friends I found just for crying while boarding that plane out of EBB.  How can you deny yourself such an opportunity?

The UWC scholarships are full and the interviews are in Feb 2015 in Kampala.  We are not affiliated with the government.  The age is 16-21 and mostly for S5 and S6 but the schools also admit kids in that age who have dropped out of school due to war and financial reasons.  You make a mistake to ignore this opportunity.

This is my last message about UWC scholarships in Uganda.  Until the next academic year.  Good luck.

By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa District)
UWC Pearson College
Trent University
University of Toronto

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