Saturday, January 3, 2015

Dear #Uganda, You Do Not Have To Read Every Post on Face Book Even if it is Public

Neither do you have to read everything on the Internet.  You see, most people read what they consider to apply to them.  You make a complete fool of yourself when your read something that you do not understand and comment with "what is this, what does this mean, stop posting".  Exactly which school did you go to that told you that you have to read everything you see?  Some #Africans make no sense.  Uganda and apparently Nigeria.  If you do not understand the joke, walk away.  It was not intended for you anyway.  If you see an education article that you do not understand, do the right thing and contact the person who posted it to ask about it instead of saying "this so stupid" bad grammar anyway.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO READ EVERYTHING ON FACE BOOK AND THE INTERNET.  When you read things you do not understand and post comments like abuses or "what is this", you display to the entire world how dumb you are.  Learn to walk away from posts.  In any case, if you see a post that you cannot positively contribute to, walk away.  If you have issues with it, contribute and usually your contribution will be appreciated as long as it is in the Original Language of the poster (eg. English, not Unglish).

When you see a news post and you think it is not right, we all love to be corrected, do not say "this is bull shit".  Rather return with your own article that you know is more accurate.

All your employers and business partners read everything you say on Face Book.  Worse, Potential Employers also read your Face Book (your timeline and the comments you put on others accessed via Recent Activity).  Your potential business partners do the same thing.  Why would you want to go on Face Book and abuse people just because you do not understand the topic they posted about?  Walk away.  It will save your job and your future.  OH  I bet your did not know that it also affects your scholarship opportunities.  It does big time.  The selection committees always check you out on FB before you even get an interview.  Many Institutions of Higher Learning (read Universities) will also check you out first.  You insist on writing your Unglish, good luck.  You insist on abusing people online, heck, that might get you into a school.  You insist on ignoring my advice, it is your life, I do not give a damn!!!

One last thing, before you decide to attack someone, put their name through the google search engine.  You see, some of you need jobs and some of us create jobs.  So abusing a job creator is likely one of the biggest mistakes of your career.  NRM will not last forever in Uganda so watch what you do because FB which is part of the Internet, everything will remains in memory forever even if you delete it.  Welcome to IT and Social Media in real life.  Even if you use FBzero, your account stores everything on a database with FB and it is not on one computer.  It is on multiple computers.  Read my says IT and it is not a lie like so many Ugandans want to lie about their qualifications and Identities.

By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda

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