Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I may live to regret this but oh well, that is life.  What bothers me about Uganda is the marginalization of tribes.  For a long time, we have not really had tribal problems but here now they are coming into public display.

Uganda has many tribes (I have the list and can send it to you if you wish).  Baganda is the biggest tribe. Now, I do not mean to be tribalistic but seriously, do you know that every government which has marginalised Baganda has lived to pay a price?  Let us start with Obote..do you remember what happened with Sir Edward Muteesa II(RIP)?  Now move onto Idi Amin, do you remember what happened to that wonderful noble man Ben Kiwanuka (RIP)?


Fast forward, do you remember the burning of the Royal Tombs at Kasubi?

Generally, Baganda are a peaceful tribe, very elegant, and arrogant and very powerful. I mean no disrespect to my Baganda friends, heck, I grew up in Kayunga.  What bothers me about what is going on now in Uganda is the seemingly intentional marginalization of Baganda.  You make a very big mistake to marginalise the biggest tribe in Uganda, the one that many Ugandans respect. Sure, they have an attitude problem but they are very organised and very proud of who they are.  Never ever take land away from the biggest tribe.  When did a Muganda rule Uganda and torture and maime and kill other Ugandans?  Then you work very hard to ensure that they remain marginalised and force poverty for life.  That my friend might be the downfall of some future leader of Uganda.  I wish I could delve more into the History of the Importance of Buganda..but hey, Uganda is enough to tell you who they are.  I would suggest that all leaders, current and future pay attention to the importance of this big tribe, this intelligent tribe and this compassionate tribe. The rest of us could easily betray and sell any Ugandan but Baganda are Uganda.  Heed what they say or forever go down in History as the leader who destroyed Uganda some more by marginalizing Baganda.  Do you know that people were being tear gassed and being killed for going out into the streets to demonstrate for Dr. Besigye (a Muganda) and none of them were paid sh. 10,000 to show up or even given food or free transportation?  Yes, we all know Dr. Besigye was in the bush with NRM and he was the Doctor for the first family.  How you must understand the real Doctors oath is despite everything, not once has he ever divulged any medical details about the first family. That is a true Doctor. AND also a reliable Muganda. Maybe I better change my name back to Namutebi.  Good luck Uganda, read your history and remain true.  You are aslo marginalizing Batooro...Big mistake, Huge mistake.  For God and My Country.


Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa District)
Martha Leah Nangalama
BELIEVE! I wept because I had no shoes until I saw a man who had no feet." Ancient Persian saying  I am a Social Justice and Human Rights Activist. Find me on Face Book.  All my opinions are mine and do not reflect on any employer or organisation.  
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Sunday, September 28, 2014

#Education system in #Uganda needs to be overhauled

On September 26, 2014, an article appeared in the New Vision newspaper in Uganda about the Current Education System. Here is my response on that issue and the original article link is at the bottom of this write up.
I agree that the education system in #Uganda needs a major up haul. I write about education very frequently so this gentleman is not saying anything too new to me but the rest of you should read this, especially those in the teaching profession. My biggest problem with your graduates and even those who are still at school is WRITING skills.
The youth refuse to write properly, actually even fully grown up cannot write one paragraph without abbreviating, misspelling and horrible grammar. Do you not use dictionaries anymore? Even in writing on Face Book, there is auto correction or prompts for misspelled words. Now leave the spelling and grammar aside...You cannot formulate an argument. Your graduates lack thinking skills,critical analysis, logical reasoning.
This is the real issue. In any case, traditionally, a university graduate will have much theory and then learn on the job. But how is it possible to teach someone on the job when they are incapable of synthesizing information, learning new things and then critically analysing a situation. How is it possible that I hire someone and baby sit them through every page of the report they are writing...might as well do the work myself.
To show you how lack of critical analysis and logical reasoning is, I have seen many Ugandans write "homosexuality is wrong. It is just wrong. My pastor told me it is wrong...the Bible says so". To which I usually say, argue through the damn thing completely, not I was told it was wrong. And if you are going to quote the Bible, make sure you refute me with why you think fornication, stealing, murdering and adultery are right when they are also classified as sins in the Bible.
Then I always ask people what was the Last Commandment, they refuse to read it back to me and then some go on tirades abusing me and that is how you lose a business deal, job or scholarship. The fact that you cannot write a paragraph to argue about something you feel passionate about. Then the other one, I have had many Bagisu tell me women are inferior.
Then I ask them why they think so...their answers is always ..well women are weak, everyone knows that. Or the others say, because they never faced the knife. Now what kind stupid argument is that, it was a knife once, how about you talk child birth or menstruation monthly. And you are actually denigrating the woman who offered to pay your tuition or give you money to start your small business.
 You see, you do not lose opportunities for your radical views, you lose opportunities for your stupidity in that you are completely incapable of having an argument with real reasoning soaked into it. NOW - START reading more. Think more. Practice Reading comprehension. Join a debate club so that you can take a stand on anything even if it is against your views, but try to win that debate.
 If Toast Masters is near you, join them. It is normally free Public Speaking meetings and you learn to speak confidently and argue confidently about any topic thrown at you. Damn, everyone should have been forced to be in the debate club. Your opinion of what disgusts you ceases to matter if you cannot explain logically why you feel that way.
"Against my beliefs" is not good enough. "Women are meant to have babies and cook and clean" is not enough. "I will never work for a woman", well, enjoy your unemployment and poverty.
The world is cranking out more women in grate positions of education than every before so chances are if you want a decent job, your boss will be a woman. Yeah, we rule because we are the Queen Bees.
Martha Leah Nangalama
You can check that New Vision article here: http://www.newvision.co.ug/news/660142-overhaul-uganda-s-education-system.html

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Potential uses of #Uganda National ID

I had written about this National ID when the idea first came up. I did not save the original writing so let me take a crack at this thing.
1) Employment - generally many countries have an id which the employer, employee and government uses for employment reasons. Canada has the Social Insurance Number (SIN). USA has the Social Security Number (SSN). France has the National ID. So Uganda getting a National ID in this context would not be a big deal.
2) A National ID like mentioned above is used for Payroll, Payroll Tax Deductions which get sent to the government monthly for corporations or quarterly for tiny companies.  This ID is used to log your contribution and your employer's contribution to your Employment Insurance (the money you get paid should you lose a job and then you are paid while job searching, or if you have a baby and take time off, or if you have a family member who is sick and need time off and this insurance covers a portion of your salary). This same number is used for Pension. You all do know that not too many companies now have pension plans (it is expensive) and yet most countries have a pension plan in which part of your salary and matching share from your employer goes.  Were it not for this unique ID, how would we track your contributions and company contributions...so think about this people.
3) Identification purposes. Some countries have much info on your ID but I know in Canada it is just your ID number and names, nothing more.  But think about this, in Uganda, you do not have country IDs for everyone and not everyone has a driver's licence or passport. In Canada all kids get a drivers licence at 16yrs Or a school ID in Secondary School and both and then we have a Health Card for medical and this National ID (Social Insurance Number). Many places require 2 pieces of ID for identification. We tend to have more than that. In Uganda, what do you use as your 2 pieces of ID?  So do not fight the National ID that much as it is good for some things.
4) There had previously been rumours of finger prints. I have not yet seen one with finger prints. So Walokoso please, ditch it.
5) Your name and town or village will naturally identify your tribe. We do not have that in Canada or USA so I am not sure of the implications but can see where some bias can come from.
6) No National ID, no job - well, we are tired of ghosts so we need to do a major ghost busting thing here and I think the National ID can help much as we can use it for payroll, employee and employer.
7) Voter Register - I am having a bit of a problem with this one because we do not use these IDs for voting in Canada, usually our citizenship, birth certificates and driver's licences. But knowing now that Uganda does not easily give these to people, it is likely that the only reliable thing now is for the National ID for the voter registry.  I am just worried about the tribe thing which is not indicated but can be guessed from the village or town a person registers...BUT hey people, let us not get carried away here...most of us know which tribe you belong too according to your name. Remember most of us went to schools with other tribes. At this point I should mention that I am changing my name to my original one, Namutebi...hahaha...wonder how that will sound.
8) The National ID if used for some of the reasons I have mentioned, it is a good thing. It can also be used for registering trans immigration, unemployment, death, etc..
9) Question - is this a completely Centralised registration that has total transparency that I can take your ID number and search information on you? Naturally confidential information should be hidden but just a basic search for your name and phone number should be available...and we can charge sh.20,000 for each search.  Then not every dick tom and harry will abuse it.
10) I had read somewhere that those people who did not register for the National ID would automatically lose their Ugandan citizenship.  Do you know that if you are born in Uganda you never lose your citizenship? A Child born of a Ugandan is a natural Ugandan? So who came up with this silliness that if we do not fly home in 60-90 days, we lose our citizenship? In which case, kiss my ass.  That constitution that you bastardized will come and bite you.  Not having a SIN or SSN number has never made a Canadian or USA person lose their citizenship.  So this must have been a total bullshit story.
11) You are so sure of your birth in Uganda, then let the elders on our villages say who you are, your parents, your grandparents. Tumbafu.
12) Do you have any questions?  I do not feel like answering them. hahahah...kidding. Inbox me or comment and I shall be at your service.

Martha Leah Nangalama


Letter to the Hon. YK Museveni, President of Uganda

Dear Mzee Hon.YK Museveni,
Mulembe naabi. I am writing to you because I feel that an average‪#‎Ugandan‬ can talk to you about the issues affecting Uganda and you will listen.
1) Firing Mbabazi just like that was totally uncalled for. Now everyone around you has seen what you can do to your closest friends so you have created or excerbated the distrust around you. Never treat one of your best friends the way you did Mbabazi. As much as Ugandans are enjoying this, others are now watching their backs.
2) Your predicament in Texas with accommodation was not really directed at you. It was directed to all who profess hate, discrimination and persecution to other human beings. You will remember that slavery, holocaust and apartheid thrived because some people felt that one group of people had to be persecuted. Thank you for repealing that law but please do realise that the world is changing now and promoting hate and persecution are no longer acceptable in this global village we live in.
3) Arresting the youth for trying to register unemployed people. Mzee, did you know that the census we did recently, many Ugandans were not counted but your people told you it was 97% compliance? Now, if people in Kampala area were not counted, how about the ones in the rural communities? I am aware that your advisers and close friends tell you things but you are now online and you can read all the comments, posts, blogs, news; basically everything about Uganda. Try it one day, it is more entertaining than watching TV.
4) Journalists seem to be more hesitant to report on Uganda because there are internet rumours that the police intimidate them. Did you know Mzee that most everything is now online. Most of us only work with what is already being reported out of Uganda. So I would suggest that instead of Kajingo spending all her time telling the world where you are and on what day and what for (posts which can be used to verify your location anytime...not sure if you really want this), I would like to suggest that she spends her time scouting the internet for what is being written about you and Uganda. You will be surprised, most of what you see on the internet seems to come from within Uganda as some information is much too private for an average person to know.
5) The youth are our future. You should not tolerate 10 million unemployed youth and just call them rebel recruits. I can assure you, this population of unemployed youth who have no food or medicine, this is your biggest problem. Unfortunately, given what you did to Mbabazi, you are now forcing them to join Mbabazi..who is a great mobilizer and committed to NRM...you have been friends for 40yrs + and I do not think his intention is to go against you but rather to bring the problems of our country full force in your face.
6) The terror alerts are now viral and global. You need to tell your people to work harder to find reasons to intimidate the populace.
7) Please stop paying your spies to follow people on social media. This is a waste of money. The real enemies will not go on social media to advertise their opinions. Most of us on social media try to generate discussions for how we can resolve problems in Uganda. We are more committed than the stooges you pay who know absolutely nothing and think that a post on Face Book or Twitter is a sign of an enemy of the government. WRONG...most information is being written by people in your regime, just check the blogs we discuss and the articles we share. Your enemies seem to be very close to you.
8) Please do what you can to help the youth without them begging too much for the progams you have in place. These are young people who need to be mentored, not to be coerced, arrested, blackmailed or forced into bribing to get government funding for their projects.
9) The education system sucks. Ugandans are much too brilliant but what is coming out of all these universities now are half illiterate people. No wonder we have a high unemployment rate.
10) Developing a country is a partnership. No one is less than anyone. Our programs for development must now be extended to other parts of Uganda instead of people saying "tuli mukintu". Uganda is for all of us, not a select few. You make a very big mistake to sideline people. A hungry man is an angry man. When people have nothing to live for, it is a toxic situation. Please understand that education, employment, development and poverty eradication are the key for your success. I hope you will consider my letter to you in a positive light.
Sincerely, Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton New Brunswick Canada
Citizen of Uganda and Canada
Thursday Sept. 25, 2014