Friday, May 15, 2020


Amazon Book Title: "The Art of Invading and Ruling: Volume 1 (Anglais) Livre broché – 14 janvier 2020"


This is the first book in a series of 8 books. The other 7 books are ready for publication too. Only that my Editor wants to release one book every few months.

This book is about Uganda and President Yoweri Museveni which can be ordered off Amazon. I did not write this book for money. Rather, I wrote it for Uganda to keep history. Many people contributed to this book and I am really just the editor of it who had to put all our ideas together and it has been an amazing journey to learn so much from Uganda that sometimes I cried for how much I did not know. Every chapter has been a journey. I have amazing writers from Uganda who lived through the Museveni regime from start to current and I owe them much. Consequently, if you should buy this book, remember that it is not for me. It is for the people who risk the safety of their lives daily to give me information. MLN

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION (Book introduction):

Museveni came to power 33 years ago while riding on a well set out propaganda of having led 'a revolution that reversed the insecurity and gross violation of human rights', among other accusations.

The writings in this book aim to expose Museveni's journey towards achieving his childhood ambition of becoming the President of Uganda.Museveni's role in orchestrating the so-called insecurity and gross human rights abuses during the Iddi Amin regime.Museveni's role in failing the immediate post Iddi Amin political order.Strong arguments negating Museveni's reasons for waging his sectarian bloody Bush War in 1981.

Insights into Museveni's deceptive methods during his Bush War atrocities that were attributed to the UPC government.A close examination of the internal challenges hinging on sectarianism, nepotism, blackmail and patronage that formed the foundation of the Bush War NRA.How it was not by military strength but by sheer luck that he managed to gain power in 1986.

Untold details of Museveni's role in fanning regional conflicts - Rwanda and Congo.We reveal how Museveni kept his Bush War Agenda (life presidency) a top secret from his comrades and hence the early fallout by the likes of Gen. Ssejusa, Maj. Itongwa. Col. Besigye, Gen. Muntu and many others.


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