Tuesday, May 19, 2020


Note from the Editor: This post has some minor errors which will be corrected after the lockdown.

CHANGE OF GUARDS - It is becoming much clearer that Museveni's so-called COVID-19 lockdown was politically motivated.  After severally extending the lockdown, this time round gullible Uganda Ugandans hand anticipated that he would announce a reasonable easement of the same.  However, for the very few who fully understand Museveni, the status quo was expected to remain simply because he has not fully achieved his political goal.

Mindful of the boiling anger amidst the starving and economically crippled population, he was shy to outrightly declare an indefinite extension of the lockdown.  That is why he opted to announce his controversial cosmetic easement that is conditioned on the availability of his specific and customized face masks that will on only be available in June.  By that time he will have got another excuse for extending the lockdown.  His so-called relief food distribution by the army to the vulnerable poor in the capital has miserably failed simply because it was not meant to succeed.  Before making the controvercial announcements in the evening, he had chaired a cabinet meeting in the morning where he demonstrated with cooked posho (maize bread) how the 2.5gms of relief aid maize flour was sufficient for a meal.  Thanks is why he did not make any mention of the relief food distribution during his national address.  In the same regard he made no mention of the donations for his COVID-19 Fund.  Ugandans had also expected him to clarify on the 40m bribe that he has just offered his parliamentarians and the special flight that allegedly brought his two family members from the USA when all flights to and out of the country are under suspension.

On May 12, the youth dominated opposition People Power political platform that is posing a serious threat to his schene to have his son inherit the presidency, launched it's customized face masks that bears it's logo.  The Museveni regime that had earlier banned the wearing of the People Power red berets, felt beaten at it's own game.  Museveni has now moved very fast to indirectly block the People Power masks by declaring that the government is to give out free of charge it's masks to every citizen above the age of six.  It will be compulsory to wear the Government provided mask and not any other thus the People Power mask will be indirectly banned.  It is not by coincidence that some three top People Power mobilisers have secretly met Museveni at his farm in Kisozi after they received the "Friends Of muhoozi" relief aid donations last week.  It won't be surprising if the government face masks will be yellow (his regime party colour) in colour.

It's because of the above underlying factors that his yesterday's address left many gullible citizens in confusion.  No wonder, 48 hours later, he is coming back under the cover of  making  clarifications to  further confuse gullible Ugandans.   Wabula, abalina; ate ttemunaba!!!


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