Friday, February 21, 2020

Uganda police arrests musician who published #Masindi #CoronaVirus case - @PoliceUG @KaleKayihura

Titi xhonia -- aka Otiti Alex

I miss Gen. Edward Kalyekezi, the former IGP. The current IGP, Gen. Muzeyi Sabiti has nothing on Gen. Kayihura. Sabiti is too gentle. If it was Kayihura, he would arrest all of you people circulating the Corona story on social media. I bet he would arrest Fakebook and WhatsApp too. In fact, he would prolly raid all the mosques and arrest all the Moslems and throw them in Luzira. Those damn buggers brought us Corona.

The young man who published the story about Masindi's Corona is called Otiti Alex. He is a musician who goes by the name of Titi xhonia. He was arrested yesterday (February 20, 2020) but released. See the arrest papers. Although the police officer writes like a nursery school pupil.

I have always told Ugandans to be very careful about their Social Media posts because today it is Alex and tomorrow it is Dr. Stella Nyanzi. Martha Leah will be next. WAIT, does Uganda Airlines fly to Canada? I better check.

I have been chatting with Titi since yesterday and he has a wicked sense of humour I have not stopped laughing. He has sent me some of his music which I will start working with next week so that I can help promote him. Thanks Titi. A good deed deserves a good return.

*** Former music promoter for some Ugandan artists. I live in Moncton, Canada. Please follow me on all social media for breaking news that has been fact checked. #Twebereremu. FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY. 🥰🥰🥰

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