Thursday, May 16, 2019

Why Ugandans rejoiced over the death of Hon. Kibuule's twins (PHOTOS)


CHANGE OF GUARDS - Museveni's Minister for Water Resources and Member of Parliament for Mukono North Constituency, Honourable Ronald Kibuule lost his infant twins after the twins drowning in a swimming pool at his upcountry home. Unfortunately, a sizeable section of Ugandans have expressed delight at this tragic loss by Hon. Kibuule. This is an extremely alarming new development in Uganda. It is a manifestation of the extent of a deep split between the have and have nots; the oppressor and the oppressed. Many Ugandans regard Hon. Kibuule as belonging to the class of the oppressive haves. It is manifestly clear that if that tragedy had befallen Hon. Kibuule himself, they would have felt more joyous.

Born in 1984 in rural Mukono District to a Rwandan immigrant, Zefania Lusebeya and Grace Naguta, Hon. Kibuule got close to the Museveni regime during his high school days. He became an aide to the then Minister of Security, Amama Mbabazi who even paid for his university education. In 2008 he graduated from Uganda Christian University with a Bachelor of Social Work and social Administration. Since 2011 he has been the M.P for Mukono North Constituency.

From May 2011, Museveni appointed him State Minister for Youth and Children. In 2013, he made controversial statements indicating that police should charge the victims of rape if they are indecently dressed. In March 2015 Museveni appointed Kibuule State Minister for Water Resources. In 2016 Kibuule beat up a private security guard, who had insisted that Kibuule undergoes a routine security check at a Mukono bank. The minister later, reportedly ordered the police to arrest the guard on libel offences. Ms Hellen Obuku, a private security guard attached to Stanbic Bank Mukono, was arrested by police officers, but she collapsed as she was being taken to Mukono Police Station to record a statement.

During the parliamentary debate on Museveni's controvercial Age Limit Bill in September 2017, Hon. Kibuule sneaked a gun into the parliamentary chamber and walked to opposition's Hon Ssemujju and told him to prepare for a bullet in his nervous system. During this very session, the embattled minister removed his suit and also confronted the opposition leaders including Makindye West Member of Parliament Hon. Allan Ssewanya among others who were demanding for revealing of the whereabouts of the gun. Kibuule was suspended and the speaker of parliament, Rebecca Kadaga later confirmed that Hon. Kibuule had indeed sneaked in with a revolver using the entrance from President's Office according to a CCTV footage. She declared;
“Honorable members, I’ve got reliable information that the Honorable Kibuule had a gun,”
Gullible Ugandans became excited that Museveni would sack Hon. Kibuule but alas the matter was as usual swept under the carpet.

Throughout 2018 Hon. Kibuule was embroiled in several incidents of land wrangles. As a leading land grabber in the greater Mukono district, he evicted over 5,000.  People Have Been Evicted from their homes using court brokers, Police and army. In October 13, 2017, Hon. Kibuule had threatened the correspondent of Bukedde Television, David Musisi Kalyankolo for reporting on a land dispute involving the Minister and residents of Kigaya in Buikwe District. The Journalist had contacted the minister for his reaction to the reported killing of one Dickson Wasswa Mboowa, a resident of Kigaya by police officers he (the minister) had deployed to guard the disputed land.

“I called the Minister to get his side of the story about the demise of Wasswa but he threatened me that I was dealing with an influential person and he would teach me a lesson if I went ahead and aired the story".

There is no doubt Museveni's choice of Hon. Kibuule was driven by the Muhoozi Project but more so the fact that Hon. Kibuule is a Munyarwanda. The abnormal accumulation of so much wealth by such a young man and his grave misconduct with impunity can only be guaranteed by blind loyalty to the Museveni regime.

It is against this background that the oppressed Ugandans believe that it was God's hand that struck Hon. Kibuule owing to his devilish conduct. It was an expression of helpless disgust with the Museveni regime. It was God's hand in action indeed and it should serve as a lesson to the other oppressors. Unless, the country is set on the right path, we are headed for dangerous times.


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