Wednesday, May 15, 2019

UGANDA: Youth must stop attacking / abusing total strangers on social media

About a week ago, someone tagged me on Twitter on a Uganda thread.  All was going okay then out of the blue, this woman comes attacking me and abusing me.  She finally tells me "You are fake" and blocks me.

Imagine my shock when I find out that @UGwoman01 (Twitter handle) is the recently featured young entrepreneur in Daily Monitor who is second year at MUBs.  She cleans houses, washes people's clothes and baby sits just so she can pay her expenses while at University.

What I found intriguing was the article mentions her saying that she is looking for money to buy equipment and other supplies she needs.

I loved the story because it shows creativity and the ability to want to help yourself.  But to abuse a total stranger who does Business Planning and Advice for Ugandans for free.  How dumb is that?

In addition, the supplies and equipment she needs, I could probably pay for it.  Her particular business is not strange to me. I have a friend in Mutungo I once drew up a business plan for exactly what she is doing and would have loved to share it with her.  But waaapi.  Because this is the Social Media Generation, the tendency in Uganda is to use social media to abuse anyone and everyone without thinking about the repercussions. 

The other perfect misuse of Social Media is that Anite Airhead launching verbal diarrhoea on Twitter trashing Bobi and Joel. I was like "You are a minister for investments for crying out loud. Are you trying to tell the world that their money will be in the hands of an IDIOT?"

PEOPLE, PLEASE USE SOCIAL MEDIA RESPONSIBLY.  You can lose opportunities from even total strangers that you insult who have never done a thing to you.


Martha Leah Nangalama
Volunteer Business Consultant

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