Thursday, May 30, 2019

UGANDA: Opposition lesson 9 - what is Uganda's debt?

During the electioneering of 2015 heading into 2016 February vote, I think it was in Sept 2015 that I asked the PR and Presidential Candidate.

1. What is Uganda's debt?
2. To whom do we owe money?
3. What were the service terms?
4. What collateral (security) was used for the loans?
5. Do you have contracts of all the infrastructure development projects, who is funding who and how long it will take us to pay the debts?

In my foolishness, I did not expect to be trashed on Facebook.


I now ask the same questions of all those who claim they are opposition.

We have a lot of work to do now to prepare when PP takes over. What is PP doing? Getting kidnapped, arrested and jailed.  Does PP know what our national debt is?  "WE WILL SORT ALL THAT OUT WHEN WE TAKE OVER".  So your illiterate fans will run the Central Bank (BoU)?

Emitwe egyo

If you do not figure out how to help the 35mln unemployed youth figure out their future, you will not be any different from the current regime which you wanna take down.

Your youth refuse to read and learn and these are the brats you are gonna make MPs???  Yet, you remain silent when you see your fans behaving like idiots.  "We thank you for the money but we also want to go to the source and eat like you".

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