Thursday, May 23, 2019

AFRICA: Stop undermining each other

In Toronto, we lived across the street from one of the biggest Chinese suparmarkets.

There was also a great Chinese restaurant we frequented weekly.

This one time before I took Becky into the restaurant, something had happened and I was super upset (doesn't take much to upset me though).

A Ugandan I had helped to start a Moving Company was not getting any clients from the Ugandan community.  His truck broke down and he took it to a Chinese garage.

I asked him why he did not take the truck to Ugandan garage owners.

REPLY: "They are jealous people. They think if they help me, I will become richer than them".

But what is interesting is what the Chinese garage manager told him "Have you seen Chinese take their cars to be fixed in none Chinese garages?  Why do black people give business to us when they could give their own people the business?"

Rebecca was being a 3yr old and kept asking all the waiters "Where is my treat?"

Finally, the lady who was running that shop showed up personally with Becky's treats. This restaurant knew the kid very well.

The manager proceeds to call all her staff to come and meet her Favourite client.  Then she proceeded to introduce her staff "They are all from China. I helped them to immigrate to Canada and in return, they are helping their families".  Becky stares at her "So, mommy could also bring in people from Uganda?"

The way the Chinese care for each other (same with India).  They help each other to succeed.  They sacrifice to help their people.

Ugandans are more like "If I help you, you will be better off than me". Ugandans have a tendency of wanting to keep their people under them.  They hardly will help anyone who might be better than them.

My philosophy "If you succeed, you will buy me a ticket to fly home, house me, feed me and in future, if I need money, you will be so rich you will send me money".

STOP SABOTAGING YOUR OWN PEOPLE. They are the ones you should promote, support and encourage.



Jon Claude Okay Martha Dalai Lama..too much sense in that

Jon Claude, these are basic things we should know but we have no clue. Remember how people in Uganda even burn down schools with kids inside mbu I do not want the other school to do better than me? We have no shame. But even just the mere fact of giving each other business to grow each other. Of course there is the other side of this story. 

You go shopping in a shop in Kampala, owned by a Ugandan. Namala nakuzimula as if they are doing you a favour to sell to you. Some even say "I do not have change". You go to the shop owned by the Chinese and they literally lay out the red carpet for you and thank you for coming to shop in their shop, talk to you nicely for you to locate what you want, they thank you when you pay and they always have change. OHHH. Yeah, you remember what I wrote about Customer Service in the past.

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