Tuesday, April 30, 2019

UGANDA: @OfwonoOpondo @PoliceUg persecution of Dem Opondo @heBobiWine

Dem Ganstar and I (Martha Leah Nangalama), we got married in 2015.

Dem promised to send cows to Bududa.

I had no idea his clan was broke.

Just learned 4yrs later that the Opondos are broke.

Naturally, I moved in onto Rukungiri.

My parents did not send me to the best schools to marry a cowless man.

If Rukingiri does not send cows to Bududa, there is Ntungamo.


If Ofwono Opondo does not support #PeoplePower, then let him know his young brothers will lose a wife.

Mrs. Dem Opondo (First Wifey)

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