Monday, April 29, 2019

UGANDA: Lest we forget. We are fighting for freedom

Generation Discard After Use - Read the Condom Box Label

UGANDA: Lest we forget.  We are fighting for freedom. @PoliceUG, we are fighting for you too.  @UPDFspokespersn @ShabanBantariza @sejudav @KizzaBesigye1 @MugishaMuntu @AmamaMbabazi

In 1979 when TPDF took over Kampala, Mzee Dan Nangalama was held up in the UPTL offices for 3 days. When a govt is falling, they start by taking over Radio, TV, Telefax, International Calls.

In 1986 when Museveni took over, my older sister was the warehouse manager for that barracks in Jinja.

Be careful how you oppress us now.  One day you will be out of that uniform. MLN

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