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AFRICA: What is there for Rwanda to spy on in Uganda?


CHANGE OF GUARDS - On March 11, 2019 the Nakawa Magistrates' Court released on bail a Rwandan national, Moses Ishimwe Rutare who is charged with illegal entry and stay in Uganda. Ishimwe was granted a Shs 2 million cash bail and the matter was adjourned to April 1. The accused was arrested from Bugolobi area by CMI operatives in December, 2018 on allegations of lingering near a Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) installation. Prior to his arrest, he had spent two months in Kampala and his presence in Uganda was not illegal since by law, citizens of members of the East African Community are allowed a six months period of stay.

The above development came amidst accusations by Rwanda of its citizens being harassed and mistreated by the authorities while in Uganda. On its part, Uganda claims to be targeting Rwandan spies sent by Kigali. World over, states spy or gather intelligence against each other. Such intelligence is mainly of a military nature and in developed countries it involves economic intelligence. Among others, they use human and technical means of gathering such information. The fear of human spies physically accessing military installations is outdated. With technological advancement, any state would not need to use human means to get a sketch map of any military installation. From video footages of the recent protests in the Sudan capital of Khartoum, the size and structures at the army headquarters is no longer a secret. Similarly, a drone or Google search would be enough to reveal statelite images of the CMI facility in Mbuya.

The big puzzle is what secret does Uganda have that deserves Kigali to take the risky route of sending spies!!! Rwanda's security apparatus was manufactured in Uganda. From President Kagame who had been Museveni's Intelligence chief to most of his top lieutenants. In 1995 Museveni opportunistically granted citizenship to Banyarwanda but for Rwanda, they remain Rwandans. While a Ugandan can't serve in Rwanda's security services, there are several Banyarwanda in Uganda's key government and security structures.

Recently, the Kigali government mouthpiece, the New Times ran an article that laid bare Uganda's military deployment along the entire border stretch with Rwanda.
".....the Ugandan military has reinforced its Second Division under the Command of Brig Kayanja Muhanga, which has its headquarters in Mbarara District. It is common knowledge that the UPDF’s Second Division that has two brigades – 309 and 401 – has since November 2018 adjusted its deployments. These two brigades have moved deployments towards the border with Rwanda. The 401 Brigade, which with its headquarters in Kabale under the command of Lt Col Ibrahim Mutabazi, has three battalions; 19 infantry battalion, 35 battalion and 33 battalion, all made deployments along the border with Rwanda.

For instance, the 19 infantry battalion, also headquartered in Kabale under the command of Lt Col Emmanuel Mukasa, deployed in areas such as Cyonyo, Rushaki, Kamuganguzi, Gafunzo and Butobere. The 35 battalion, under the command of Lt Col Johnson Muhanguzi, has dispositions in Nyakabande, Nyarusiza, Kanombe hill, Ntamutindi hill and Bunagana, while the 33 Battalion commanded by Lt Col Tumwine with headquarters in Kisoro has deployed at Kisoro, Rwindi, Kanungu, Ishasha, and Rugano.

On the other hand, the 309 Brigade, commanded by Col Keith Katungyi and based in Kisoro, has two battalions; the 7 Battalion commanded by Maj. Geoffrey Nabimanya and 47 Battalion commanded by Maj. Jotham Kature. These two battalions are deployed at Bunagana, Rukungiri, Kabingo and Kikagati.

All these deployments by the UPDF are along the border with Rwanda. It is an open secret that since November 2018, UPDF started deployment of heavily equipped forces at Kihumuro Hill in Kabale.
Kihumuro Hill is used as an Infantry Tactical Operations Base Camp and the number of soldiers here has grown up to 1,000. The entire force there is under the command of Maj. Joshua Annuarachi and it includes counter terrorism and CMI (Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence) operatives who conduct surveillance and gather intelligence along the border.

Sources also indicate that an artillery platoon led by one Lt Judith is deployed on Kacwekano and Karujanga hills – overlooking Rwanda – with artillery capabilities (Katyusha rocket launchers, 11mm, 14.7mm and 12.7mm).  Other sources from Kisoro District revealed that continuous deployments of UPDF soldiers from the 35 battalion operating in Kisoro have been going on for the last few days. Sources further intimated of the presence of an estimated 200 Special Forces at Butobere, at a place called Nyabitabo."

Obviously, the above revelations have been fed to The New Times by and with clearance of Rwanda's Intelligence services. Not even Uganda's Ministers of Defence or Internal Affairs had such details of deployment because such information falls under highly classified military secrets. The revelation by Rwanda's New Times followed an April 18 article run by the Kampala regime's online mouthpiece, Chimprepprts that quoted a 'source in Kisoro' thus;
"EXCLUSIVE: Tension Flares as Rwandan Soldiers Cross Into Uganda
.............The Rwandan soldiers, wearing military uniform and carrying guns and ammunition come here for drinks, food and cigarettes. After taking their drinks, they walk back to Rwanda."

Therefore, other than its alleged support for Rwanda's dissidents, the Museveni regime has no any other secrets that deserve spying on by Rwanda.


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