Wednesday, October 31, 2018

UGANDA: Who is the real mole in opposition @Fdcofficial1 @MugishaMuntu


"A hunter who finds his dog chatting with the animal he intends to hunt, ought to take extra care before using it against that animal"
Some funny African saying.

A mole literally known as a spy is a person who pretends to be your friend but when in reality he/she has a parallel idea to yours normally aimed at bringing you down.

Since Uganda chose the multiparty type of democracy, there has always been accusations and counter accusations by members of the opposition who have been calling each other spies a notion that has teared apart the opposition majorly the FDC party forcing Gen. Muntu and his team to quit the FDC an action that has left FDC at the verge of fading off the political stage.

My question has always been the yardstick with which the FDC "creams" uses to measure the moles.
Of course to the FDC creams, any liberal mind who doesn't approach things their way is a mole.

Am one of the people who doesn't believe in politics of having the opposition that opposes everything and proposes nothing.

An FDC 'cream' friend of mine told me that Muntu is a spy because he has never been arrested and in 2011, some police man saluted him, then that he accepted to create the parliament opposition leadership so he legitimized Museveni's government.

In his speech shortly after leaving FDC, Gen. Muntu said that it was just time that was going to reveal the real moles.

So if anybody who recognizes Museveni as the legitimate president is a mole then I think there must be more moles than we think.
Early this week, the leader of opposition Hon. Betty Aol Ocan was seen in Mayuge with Museveni on a function.

While delivering her speech, Hon. Aol thanked president Museveni for among others, the youth livelihood fund program, operation wealth creation and stabilising national security which she said they are propelling the country forward.
She later went for a private dinner meeting with the president before parting ways.

Am not saying what Hon. Aol did was bad but am just wondering if all along we have been saying anybody liberal in the opposition is bad then between Gen. Muntu and Hon. Aol who is the real mole?
Should we think after the exit of Muntu and his group then the definition of a mole was revised? Or is it that Gen. Muntu was abstracting them to exercise government of "National Unity"?
Should I be made to think that Muntu's prophecy is coming to pass?

Finally I haven't got the best answer in my head as to who is the real mole in the opposition may be I will be guided on that.

This is why I will continue to support Gen. Muntu, he appreciates the fact that the real sinners speak a lot and are good at pointing fingers like they did to him. Now we can see the naked Truth. Thank you for your forewarning.

Otherwise the Dream Team continues to hold leaders to account for whatever they do, say or even think as long as it concerns us as a people.

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