Wednesday, October 31, 2018

UGANDA: Video of the young lady who threatened Bosco

UGANDA: Video of the young lady who threatened Bosco

Video circulating on social media. We are all scared to Youtube it. Copyright unknown. Where to even start. No idea. Today, most Uganda media is awash with this angry young lady. She says something like "if we do not get our Kyarenga concert, I will make you eat something". Wait. She is even ruder. "I will hit your teeth with my something". Then proceeds to say "mataako". Oh dear Jesus. This word mataako gets people arrested in Bukanda. Irregardless, she does protest for a reason. Tuli bakoowu. If we ask for our freedom, we die. If we shut up, we die. If we protest, we are kidnapped, tortured, maimed or die. If we criticize impunity, we die. If we protest corruption, we are terrorists. If we complain about bad roads, we get arrested. If we complain about medical care, we are replaced by Cubans. If we complain about delayed pathetically low salaries, we are told to ho farm. If we complain about being evicted off our land at gunpoint. We are sold into slavery. If we embrace opposition, our kids are killed. If we dare tell the world, we are told we will be arrested the minute we land at Entebbe. If we dare to talk as media, the mefia house will be raided and shut down. The editirs will be jailed. Then if we give up and set up groups on social media to debate our future, the Admins face incarceration. How else can we change the status quo? Dying in silence is no longer an option. This young woman had enough. Many of us are there. Please give us breathing room. MLN Never shoot the messenger.

Martha Leah Nangalama

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