Wednesday, October 31, 2018

UGANDA: Opposition needs a saviour or Posiko will rule till hell freezes over

All of us in opposition are diabolical. In fact, we should all read our Bibles or Korans. Or both for safe measure.

We might also wanna learn how to use social media to stop polarizing each other.

When we fight amongst us, only one person laughs all the way to the bank.

S/he is our common enemy. I will not say who but it knows itself.

Why do we lose focus so easily? Do we want an ICC indicted criminal to come negotiate for us peace?

This insanity of Muntu camp, Bobi camp and FDC camp fighting daily is delaying our progress in uniting to fight Dombodore (who shall not be named).

To this effect, let us call for a truce. The energy we expend daily should be spent on strategy.

Minor things like:
1) Why are our people being evicted off their land?
2) Why are we selling our kids into slavery?
3) Why are thieves delaying our progress to middle income status?
4) Why are civil servants paid slave wages and security organs resort to robbing to survive?
5) Why do gunmen arrest our people or kidnap them in broad daylight at gun point? Or shoot them dead?
6) Why do investors, tourists die in our hands?
7) Why do journalists get maimed?
8) Why do our schools produce engineers but we get Chinese to repair our road potholes?
9) Why do activists get labeled enemies when a democracy allows voices of dissent? A democracy needs strong opposition to keep raising issues the govt may not beware of!
10) Why cancel our Kyarenga concert and infuriate us to the point a woman has to threaten to toss her something something in the teeth of Domboredore?

Let us have faith in the Christ or Muhammed knowing if either shows up, we will ask for God / Allah to show up in face. If one or both show up, they will get run over by a convoy or get shot by a sniper. Or both. Following week, we wilm be saying "dude was a mole. Send us a real saviour". Then wait for 2021.

We are a rather pathetic lot. Let all RCC start a novena. We cannot even the world that we are serious about change so no one will help us.

Over the last 5yrs, I watch opposition "we need guns". For what? To shoot each other?

Congratulations President Yoweri Museveni. Only you have the vision. Well done. Well done.

United opposition or else....

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