Tuesday, October 30, 2018

UGANDA: Musician Bosmic Otim dices Acholi leaders over corruption

Singer Under Fire for Discrediting Acholi Officials

URN - Lucky Bosmic Otim, a popular Acholi artist is on the spot for discrediting the leadership of Acholi Chiefdom for alleged corruption, weak leadership and being puppets of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) government.

In a 23-minute audio recording, Bosmic lashes out at the officials of Acholi Chiefdom for their soft stance on Apaa and Lakang land dispute in Amuru district.  He alleges that hundreds of Apaa residents were evicted while others were dubiously persuaded to sell off their land cheaply while the cultural leaders looked on.

He also faults Acholi Chiefdom for exhibiting weak leadership by lobbying government for personal gains instead of pursuing an inclusive agenda.

The singer singles out the Acholi Paramount Chief Rwot David Onen Achana II; his prime minister, Ambrose Olaa and the Lamogi Clan Chief, Rwot Otinga Otuka Otto Yai and some political leaders for all allegedly reaping personal gains from the contentious Amuru land.

He also faults Rwot Achana II for openly putting on yellow T-shirts that portrays his inclination and support for NRM.

Samuel Odonga Otto; the outspoken Aruu South county MP supports the artist. He cites their failed attempts to push for a 49-year lease for the Lakang land after some corrupt individuals pocketed bribes to pave way for the land sale.

According to Otto, they wanted to register the land in the name of Ker Kwaro Acholi so that after the expiry of the lease hold, it reverts to the chiefdom but they were betrayed. Ambrose Olaa, the Prime Minister Acholi Chiefdom has rubbished the singer's accusations as utter madness that isn't worth responding to.

Olaa says Ker Kwaro Acholi has never digressed from its mission and is bound by the Institution of Traditional or Cultural Leaders Act 2011. Rwot Acana is the latest victim of Bosmic's radical media attacks on prominent political and religious leaders. Recently, Bosmic released a song titled Mac Onywalo Buru 'fire begets ash' in which he patronized top NRM politicians in Acholi, Lango and West Nile sub-regions.

The song also sarcastically discredited sons of former heads of state for betraying their fathers and falling victim to the political ideology of the National Resistance Movement, opposed by their predecessors.

The Kitgum District Security Committee banned Bosmic's song saying it is offensive. William Komakech, the then Kitgum Resident District Commissioner, said the song had become an issue of security concern because its content is offensive, incites violence and spreads harmful propaganda.

The Kitgum District Internal Security Officer-DISO Lawrence Asimwe vowed to close any media house, night club, Pub, recording studios or any other entertainment place found playing the song.

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