Wednesday, October 31, 2018

UGANDA: European Union warns Museveni thug regime about stealing donor aid

EU cautions Uganda over mismanaging funds

Moroto (DAILY MONITOR) - The European Union has warned the government of Uganda against mismanaging funds meant for specific projects, funded by the Union in northern Uganda and Karamoja regions.

Mr Aloysius Lorkeers, the head of sustainable development in the European Union, sounded the warning in Moroto last week during a consultative meeting on Development Initiative for Northern Uganda, (DINU), a new project funded by European Union.

The Shs668.5b five-year programme targets selected districts of Lango, Acholi, Karamoja and Teso Sub-regions.
Mr Lorkeers said any project funded by the People of European Union aimed at helping the poor communities in Uganda must be utilised properly to benefit the intended people.

“European Union is not a friend to Corruption and I want to urge Uganda government to become tougher against any form of abuse of funds meant to transform the local community in northern Uganda and Karamoja region,” he said.

Previous mismanagement
Uganda has had a poor record in dealing with corruption cases and many projects in the north region have ended up being exploited by some government officials.
The Office of Prime Minister in the past has come under criticism for mismanaging funds for Peace Recovery Development Programme (PRDP) worth over Shs14b.

In February this year, British government announced suspension of millions of pounds in humanitarian aid for the refugees in Uganda over mismanagement of money and relief supplies to refugees by the Office of the Prime Minister and the UN refugees agency.

Ms Christine Guwatudde Kintu, the permanent secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister, explained that the Programme is intended to eradicate poverty, malnutrition and strengthen the foundations for sustainable and inclusive socio-economic development in the sub-regions of Acholi, Lango, Teso, West Nile and Karamoja.

Mr John Byabagambi, the minister for Karamoja affairs, however, said Uganda government is ready to apprehend corrupt officials involved in the mismanagement of funds.
“Uganda is committed to fighting corruption, already individuals who abused public funds are in prisons, so no need to worry,” he said.
The DINU is a new programme replacing KALIP/ALREP projects which were funded by European Union for Northern Uganda and Karamoja.

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