Friday, August 31, 2018

UGANDA: Police produce @HEBobiWine's body guard Eddie Mutwe at Jinja Road Police Station

This is the Eddie (Eddy) Mutwe which who neither police, nor ISO, nor CMI, nor SFC, nor UPDF had in their custody?  Indeed Uganda is ruled by Dogs and Hyenas.

Why does the Uganda government keep embarrassing themselves? Even on this body guard, they manage to fumble up!

Then we have the Bobi Wine and Zaake flying out yesterday, brutally arrested at the airport and today, apparently, they are cleared to fly out after having rejected govt doctors.

OR is it after the world wide condemnation of Museveni's outrageous violation of Human Rights?

Uganda is now a laughing stock in the international community and yet, Museveni and his elk are not embarrassed at all. For them, it is business as usual. They have been killing for the last 50 years so what will a few more hundreds of dead, even on live camera, change?

The world was too slow to condemn Museveni but now you see what he has been doing in Uganda and the Great Lakes of Africa Region.

Museveni was trying to show Ugandans that by stopping Zake and Bobi then allowing them to travel, he still holds power and he has not been weakened yet it is the other way round. 

Ugandans thought it's the same thing as when Amin was talking on Radio Uganda while crossing the border at Mutukula and that he was still the president of Uganda!


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