Sunday, February 25, 2018

UGANDA: NRM thugs throw big party after selling out Ugandans

KAMPALA (@UG_EDGE) - The ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM] party has gathered in Kiboga district to honour the 317 Members of Parliament who last year voted to remove age limits and make their chairman, President Museveni, the eternal ruler of Uganda.
The event is underway at Ssaza/the district headquarters. President Museveni is the chief guest.
The ruling party is also launching a campaign, “Align and Arrive” that will take the party to constituencies to explain the need to extend the presidential term to seven years from current five years in office.

NRM officials in Kiboga [Observer photo]y Sadab
Posters for the launch of “Align & Arrive” campaign were seen at Kiboga Town Council grounds as a way of mobilising for seven year-term presidential referendum.
Kiboga is home to Ruth Nankabirwa, the Government chief whip who led the 317 MPs into defying the wishes of Ugandans and abrogating the constitution.
While in Kiboga now posing as the new NRM political Mecca, the MPs wine and dine at their “ThankYou” bash and spread the message of “non-stop” to Museveni’s rule.
“We are celebrating the heroes 317 Age Limit MPs but also begin on a campaign that will take us to all the constituencies explain what we passed and the referendum 7-Year Presidential Term,” Nankabirwa confirmed.
At the same venue, Bufumbira North MP Kamara Ninzeyimana launched his band with a hit single “K’ogikuteko kiki ekiddirira”.
Nankabirwa and some the MPs offered him backup to give his band more mileage.

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