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UGANDA: Entire village in Napak gets burnt to ashes, appeal for assistance

This is the second post about this village which burned down.

The original appeal was published on February, 14, 2018 and here is the link to that story.

Ugandans must understand that there is no Minister of Disaster in Uganda.  If you did not learn from the Bududa and Sironko landslides, you will learn when a disaster hits your village.

The Karamoja Parliament Team has been trying to raise some funds to help the dispossessed families, to house them, house them and feed them but we are having a hard time getting help.


If every Ugandan at home and diaspora sent UGX 100,000 to help, we would help our people faster than the thug regime. Did you know that NRM held a big party yesterday to celebrate for giving you Life Presidency for your tormenter (tormenter of my people).  Meanwhile, we have people going hungry and sick.

If you think that you need to be rich to help, then you forget that it is only by sharing your very minimum that we can impact change.

I have done my part. Will you also do your part?  DO YOU KNOW THAT EVEN SH.10,000 MAKES A DIFFERENCE? I suggest minimum of 10K because of withdrawal fees.  Every Little Bit Helps.

I have never asked any of you to pay me for the work I do to help our country. My only request is that you help my country.  That you help my people.  That you help your people.  Be your brother's keeper.  Even if you do not help, perhaps put it in your mind that in future, whenever we have a need we must stand together and help ourselves instead of waiting for the thug regime to show up and help us.  You might also want to know that you did not send MPs to parliament to represent your constituency.  You sent a bunch of greedy pigs. AND their day of reckoning is coming. AMEN!

*I acknowledge reciept of UGX 110,000/= from Martha Leah Nangalama*

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*Martha Leah Nangalama is a Journalist and proprietor of Peril of Africa and she accepted our Nabwal story to be published on Peril of Africa Online platform*

Please know that I am not bragging about sending UGX 110K for my people. I am also broke. Actually, my sister is gonna send me likely USD $750 to help me with my bills.  AND I do not live in a SHITHOLE but she understands my financial obligations.  Only reason I did not ask her to send the money directly for this initiative is she is kinda also broke and I am watching and waiting for when she gets paid. 

But some of you have a bit of money in your bank accounts.  Please share it.  Because when you also fall into distress, we will be here together.  TOGETHER.

I use WAVE because it is cheaper than World Remit, Western Union and Money Gram.  One push on my phone and the money leaves my bank account and drops in Uganda in seconds. Hallelujah!

Entire village in Napak gets burnt to ashes
One of the largest villages in Napak district comprising of about 179 house holds in Nabwal Sub county was on Monday night (February 12, 2018) burnt to ashes by unknown cause/persons. It was around 10:40pm when every one had already gone to sleep when people suddenly saw the fire catching one of the houses.

Being that there was too much wind, the fire spread rapidly to the whole village. Since it was at night and with strong winds, people were unable to rescue any of their property.

The fire that started from the manyatta of Eburiang spread to about 179 other households. It should be noted that the households in Karamoja are very close to each such that in the event of a fire outbreak the fire will spread easily from house to the next one till the entire manyatta burns down.

According to interviews conducted by one Karamoja Hardcore politics member, the residents said the cause of the fire outbreak is unknown and it was escalated by the strong night winds. The community lost goats, calves, bicycles, ox ploughs and all house belongs. Even granaries full of food (of last year's harvest) were also burnt leaving no food for the whole village.

The community needs urgent support as no NGO or local government intervention has been chanelled to help Nabwal at this point.

Please send your contributions to
Telephone: 0773952559
Name : Lolek Joseph
Reason : your name_Nabwal

Updates of amount balance will be provided daily. So far we have received UGX 67,055/=.

Thank you,


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