Wednesday, February 28, 2018

UGANDA: Boda boda kill 7 people daily according to official statistics

Uganda's boda boda operators are not only above the law, they are a sacrilegious lot!

THE EAST AFRICAN - There is something about Christianity and the number seven. It features in a number of biblical stories. Even the sins of Uganda’s dreadful boda bodas come in sevens.
Cardinal sin number one is killing. Boda boda kill seven people in Uganda everyday according to official statistics. This number according to the police, is of those who die on the spot and rarely include those who die after prolonged hospitalisation following boda boda accidents.
Cardinal sin number two is murder; boda boda are used in hit jobs. They were used in killing Muslim clerics, mobile money operators and to stamp their impunity, in last year’s murder of the very force of law and order, the police spokesman.
Cardinal sin number three is immorality; boda bodas have been cited in reports as leading in making schoolgirls pregnant. This doesn’t need elaboration.
Cardinal sin number four is impersonation; boda bodas pose as members of security agents. It is even predictable that once you board a boda boda, the rider starts telling you how bad the government is and starts soliciting your views.
Cardinal sin number five is environmental degradation; boda boda riders’ groups grab wetlands and even allocate plots in wetlands near the city. The public was recently shocked to learn of a boda boda stage management group that had “issued” a title deed to a businessman.
Such exaggerated sinning is called sacrilege.
Cardinal sin number six is tax evasion; man, these guys don’t even pay tax! If the only two certainties are death and taxes, then these guys are above such.
Cardinal sin number seven is economic sabotage; boda bodas are the lead smugglers. Parliament was last week told that the country’s sugar industry, which has been growing steadily over a decade is now being crippled by boda bodas who are being used in the sugar smuggling racket.
Minor sins
In addition, boda bodas also have seven minor sins: Minor sin number one; they don't obey any traffic rule, making driving in Kampala a nightmare.
Minor sin number two; they mess up rural economies as boys sell their parent’s land to buy motorcycles.
Minor sin number three; they delay the growth of mass transport. A country that embraces boda boda undermines the development of rapid mass conveyance.
Minor sin number four; they make boys drop out of school prematurely.
Minor sin number five; they nurture the culture of impunity. Whoever breaks the law daily by ignoring all the traffic codes and not paying tax feels he can get away with anything.
Minor sin number six; boda boda peddle minor and grand rumours. They tell their passenger which military general or politician bought that big house for his girlfriend and such stuff.
Minor sin number seven; boda boda also kill boda boda riders. This often happens when they don’t wear helmets yet they are required to do so.

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