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Why Gen. Muntu is not one of the moles in FDC - @MugishaMuntu @KizzaBesigye1 @FDCOfficial1 @AmamaMbabazi @sejudav @KagutaMuseveni

Why Gen. Muntu is not one of the moles in FDC
I have sufficiently discussed the so called 'moles' in FDC in the past and that is why I have been reluctant to comment on the ongoing debate about Gen. Mungu and the FDC 'moles'.
However, let me say this; it is a fact that the Museveni regime spies on opposition political parties using both human (moles) and technical means (hacking, electronic intercepts, etc.).  The regime's actions are driven by the urge to gather classified information pertaining to the opposition plans, source of financial and logistical resources, and how best the regime can undermine and foment divisionism thus cause internal disharmony. 
For human sources of intelligence, the regime uses the most active activists amongst MPs, party executives, district party leaders, the youth, clerks, drivers etc.  For the FDC, the regime’s major concern is the mobilisation of the population for mass action dubbed 'DEFIANCE'. 
It is what is giving the regime sleepless nights and having a big toll on its financial, logistical and human resources.  There fore, the regime gets timely and accurate intelligence on 'defiance' from reliable both human (moles) and technical sources. 
The human sources are so well placed within the FDC that it is not easy to detect them leave alone rising suspicion.  Some people who don't know how moles operate have also been referring to Betty Kamya and Maj. Rubaramira who left FDC to join Museveni as having been 'moles' in FDC.  My contention is that they had not been moles but opportunists who chose to join Museveni for selfish interests.  On the contrary, if they had been moles they would have remained in the party undetected; moreover no one had ever suspected them of being moles.
Similarly, if Gen. Mungu was one of such moles, he would be the most active advocate of the defiance campaign so that he is well positioned to gather and pass on information to Museveni.  The fact is that Gen. Muntu contested for the FDC flagbeareship in 2015 on the theme of structurally organising the party. 
Dr. Besigye who campaigned on the theme of 'winning by defiance' took the day.  In his concession speech, Gen. Muntu warned thus; “if defiance is not properly organised, it will be smashed in a day".  Dr. Besigye won the February 2016 presidential elections and indeed the defiance movement was smashed by the Museveni regime.  
Like anybody else, it is just natural that Gen. Muntu wished to see his prediction come true -  ' a disorganized defiance smashed within a day'.  He went ahead to controversially encourage opposition MPs to take up the role of Opposition in Parliament as opposed to the 'defiance camp' who had been in favor of a boycott.
Having been Museveni's spy and longest serving army chief, Gen. Muntu knows better than anybody else that no level of organization by political opposition can dislodge Museveni from power through an election. 
Gen. Muntu is systematically building his political profile.  He is Uganda's longest serving Army Commander, he has been President of the strongest opposition political party.  Since he is not the type of person who can accept any political appointment from Museveni, he is now eying his name appearing on the ballot paper for national presidential elections.  He would make history by being the first former army chief to contest against his former Commander in Chief. 
Therefore, Gen. Muntu cannot risk losing his hard-earned political reputation by emotionally and arbitrarily quitting the FDC.  He needs the FDC as much as it also needs him.  However, the opportunists are bent to pounce and lead him to the slaughter house thus the much anticipated 'big announcement by Gen. Muntu'. 

Unfortunately, he has never been an opportunist and that is why he can't be a mole.  If Gen. Muntu was to be tried for being a mole, Dr. Besigye would be the lead defence witness to exonerate the accused.  However, Gen. Muntu must be regretting his action of sending the opposition to Parliament instead of a boycott.  He can't afford another blunder in the form of what opportunists had wished; leaving the strongest opposition party (FDC) for which he has committed his energy and time.  It would be okay if he had been rigged out, mistreated or expelled from the party as was the case with Amama Mbabazi in the Museveni regime.
On the contrary, Gen. Muntu garnered 463 against POA's 641 in a free and fair electoral exercise.  Col. Besigye's backing of POA was justified and Gen. Muntu knows it was the determining factor and therefore does not underrate Col. Besigye's strength.  The allegation of being a 'mole' has for some good years been advanced by opportunists within the FDC and exploited by the enemies of FDC.  Generals don't spy but manage spy networks. 
The same fate befell Gen. Ssejusa when he fled to London in 2013 whereby he was labelled a spy in the diaspora.  He had to hastily return home for fear of being accused of war crimes in relation to the counter insurgency operations in Northern Uganda during the 1990s.  When Gen. Muntu went to join Museveni guerrillas in 1981, he was suspected to be a government spy and was first placed under close surveillance.
As Army Commander, Gen. Muntu was resented by some senior Hima senior army officers. On one occasion in the early 1990s, during the funeral vigil of Col. Kyatuuka at Old Kampala, he was verbally attacked and humiliated by junior Hima army officers.  Led by then Capt. Rwashande who is now a General, the junior army officers referred to Gen. Muntu as "a Mwiru who had caused the death of a number of Hima senior officers" through his Katebe (rendering redundant) syndrome. 
Museveni never took action against the said untouchable junior officers and several of them are not very senior in rank and manning vital positions in the army.  Many Ugandans have never known why Gen. Muntu and Gen. Ssejusa don't see eye to eye.
Gen. Muntu also frankly believes that Museveni can't be dislodged from power by structurally organising an opposition party. However, by advocating for organisation instead of defiance, he is trying to build his political profile while at the same time holding on to his 2015 internal party flagberership philosophy of 'organisation instead of defiance'.  Obviously losing party leadership to the likes of POA soils his political profile and naturally he had to initially react the way he did. Otherwise, the stage of organising the masses is past and what is at stake now is to rescue the country from the claws of a ruthless military dictator and this can't be through the ballot.

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World hates #America #USA - can you blame?

AMERICA must stop asking why the world hates USA!  You kill our people and make little kids become terrorists when the kids belong in classrooms to learn to cure world hunger.  But how can they do it when you wipe Yemen off the face of the world map?

The saddest thing in life is not realising that poverty and maleducation are the biggest foundation of terrorism.  UNTIL the world chooses to share all resources, we will have the next ISIS.

You will never have peace until the world has peace.  You will never have enough to eat till the world is fed.  You will never know freedom till everyone is free.  You will never know wealth till you realise that building mansions among shacks means that your mansion will be attacked.  DAMN!  You will never enjoy your PhD till your thesis teaches humanity about the most basic things of life. KINDNESS, COMPASSION, LOVE.  Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goldman is a superb book.

You have forgotten your origin.  You kill with no mercy.  You torture. You maim.  You deprive humanity of the most basic thing.  You have no tolera;nce for diverse views and in fact you even killed Jesus. WAIT..who then killed Mohammed (may him rest in peace) and the Budha and Krishna... Who killed our great teachers who owned nothing and lived for humanity such that wisdom would flow to this day?

I left work early one day to go get Becky.  Funny, her dad had also decided to do the same thing (we have flex time).  So the poor bambina is looking from dad to mom wondering like why are you both picking me up and so early?  Thierry looks at me: "You mean you did not die?  I came to get my child because I was sure you died this morning".

You gotta give it to French people.  Mother Theresa had passed away that morning and I even had no clue.  We nearly jump over the fence and I confront him about why he thought I had died.  Dude walks over to the TV and flips on CNN. "Mother Theresa is dead and you are still here?"

For the first ten years of our marriage, he used to say "yes mother Theresa. of course mother Theresa.  Sure mother Theresa" and I never asked him why he kept saying it. BUT on that day he finally said "Nangi, no one will ever find a kind person as kind as you until they meet mother Theresa.  I have always told you this but you never paid attention.  Now that Mother Theresa is dead, you will no longer hide behind a Saint.  You will have to work hard to retain your none mother Theresa just so the world will know one day that anyone can be good".

I am now crying and wanna take my kid and hold her forever.  Dude jumps into his convertible with his kid with tennis rackets and takes off. I called my sister soon after and I was so so too nice. My sister kept asking what was wrong.  There was nothing wrong.  It was just a beautiful feeling.  She kept pushing me LEAH, what is wrong?  Finally I asked her "yaya, how much do you know about Mother Theresa?"  She replied "I wish you would never emulate her.  It is hard work and you are a very lazy person".  My sister has never given me a single break.  My brothers have always been very tough and my sister insisted to this day that I be strong like my brothers.  She maybe succeeded!

“Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to your protection, implored your help, or sought your intercession was left unaided. Inspired with this confidence, I fly unto you, O Virgin of virgins, my Mother. To you I come, before you I stand, sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word incarnate, despise not my petitions, but in your clemency hear and answer me. Amen.”

Martha Leah Nangalama

Baby in Ottawa Supreme Court - #Parenting

University of Toronto (UofT) holds mock trials and court appearances for kids who intend to go into law school after their first 4yr degree. 

I have this great picture of Becky and Nick wearing suits in their first court appearance in Toronto to overturn a murder for someone who had been jailed for decades for a murder both kids proved was never committed by the jailed guy.

Yesterday, baby left with the small team of kids from University of Toronto.  They are in Ottawa (capital city of Canada) for a few days.

Tomorrow the kids are in court.  Below is what UofT future lawyers with their great Professors who want all of them to take their second degree in law got them into.

You can find out more about UofT at this link.  I am a graduate from there. Rebecca is gonna graduate from there. AND so will Natasha and Achebe and Soyinka.

Scheduled Hearings

The Fall Session of the Supreme Court of Canada commences on October 2, 2017; the Winter Session on January 8, 2018 and; the Spring Session on April 16, 2018.
Hearings normally begin at 9:30 a.m. However, the Court may start at 9:00 a.m. without prior public notice. Where two cases are scheduled on a given day, the second case may be heard either immediately after the first one or at 2:00 p.m. For up-to-date information on the hearing time of a given case, please consult the docket information for the case in question on the SCC Case Information page on the morning of the hearing.
Courtroom proceedings will be webcast live unless a case is deemed to be unsuitable for webcasting due to a publication ban or privacy concerns.
To view all the hearings scheduled for a session, please select a year and Court session below, then press 'Search'.

#Zimbabwe #Mnangagwa - can a long time supporter of a dictator make a difference?

Naturally, all eyes are on Zimbabwe and Robert Mugabe's Fall From GRACE!

Those who pay attention to Africa know well that there is pessimism about this wonderful Man now president of Zimbabwe.

For certain, Hon Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa has been left and right and centre of the despotic dictator Robert Mugabe.

In our culture in the dark continent of Africa, we have suffered immensely.

We detested slavery.  Except now slavery is come and it is Africans selling Africans into slavery.

We detested the Imperialists.  Them white people enslaving us and teaching us Christiainity as they stole our land and minerals and other resources.  BUT now it is our "LIBERATORS" who loot the continent and they say "AFRICAN PROBLEMS MUST BE SOLVED BY AFRICAN SOLUTIONS".

Except, they all loot the continent and enrich themselves in off shore accounts.  Leading to some even suffering consequences from Panama Papers.  Lately, Paradise Papers.

Then you watch a moron on live Camera "I work for my family and my children".  DUMB idiots clap. Had Mzee Dan Nangalama said that, I would have poisoned that man.  He worked for Bukirimwa, Bududa, Bugisu, Uganda and the entire EAC.

The same asshole is on camera saying "I am no servant. I am not a servant".  Then monkeys clap their hands.  Had Mzee Dan Nangalama said that to the country, I would have poisoned him miself. Mzee Dan Nangalama  worked for Bukirimwa, Bududa, Bugisu, Uganda and the entire EAC.

But I really must have been adopted.  So we have this dotard ruling the country for now coming to 32 years.  He tells the nation that he needs more time to eradicate poverty and ensure that all Ugandans and all of Africa enjoy the peace and security he brought us.  AT THIS POINT I am asking..what the fuck happened in Kasese?

Make no mistake.  Hon. John Amama Mbabazi was a big loss for Uganda.  He was our Mnangangwa.  AND it is not because I am a JPAM brat.  Too bad the liptards in opposition did not see opportunity.

Now, just review Zimbabwe.  The country has the best literacy rate in the world competing with Cuba (Long Live Castro).  Mugabe sucked the life out of Zimbabwe but did he ever invest in education.  Some African countries are gonna suffer immensely when Zimbwabweans return home to build their country.  Do you even remember what Rhodesia looked like before Mugabe?

WHY Uganda missed a great opportunity in JPAM is because lenders, funders, donors look for stability.  JPAM was perfectly placed for transition from Jarukanga but all opposition who should have supported JPAM are now in tatters.  GOOD.  You deserve it.  Karma is a bitch.

Why is it that for 15yrs with Dr. Kizza Besigye (a man I love next to a few good men) has not been supported to take over presidency of Uganda?  Likely because his doptard die hards kill off opportunities.  POA has no chance in hell if he does not work with Hon. Kyagulanyi, Gen. Mugisha Muntu, Gen. David Sejusa, Dr. Kizza Besigye and JPAM.  I forget who else. YOU WILL never take down Museveni without an army. 

On this day, November 30, 2017, quote me in the future.  Gen. Mugisha Muntu is what the world will promote to over take Museveni.  Mind you, the world wanted and wished for JPAM but you all wrote him off.  Now your only change will be via Muntu OR ELSE, blood will flow.

Unlike FacebookZero / FacebookLight and WhatsApp, there are people who have invested money in Uganda and you can be sure that they would rather have JPAM or MM. Continuity with accountability!

Martha Leah Nangalama
Not a political analyst at all but do predict things. Have not been wrong since 2013. 

#SonReal - #Problems (Official Video) #Music

#Uganda @IGPUganda and @Kaguta think #Kasese #Genocide is forgotten

Yesterday you arrested one of my little brothers for posting about Kasese.

That was very stupid.  The price will be high.

Kasese will haunt you forever more. 

Your attempts to write off Kasese will now blow up in your face. Cloning is real.

Today, my brother tells me he got out of the cooler.

For every Ugandan you kidnap and arrest, I will kill more of your tourism.

You have guns to kill and maim.

We have the world awaiting our stories.

Did you think you could slaughter with no consequences?

Your own media said some 51 bodies have never been claimed from the Kasese.

How about I spend all of December telling the world about Uganda?

You call the dead COLLATERAL DAMAGE? They are my relatives.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Revive Uganda Airlines! 

Do you have a favourite child? #Parenting

It was a trick question. I have known Natasha for 17yrs.

She asked the question to her dad and I.

I was gonna blut out that I am my mother and father's favourite child.

But suddenly I hold my tongue.  The little monkey was trying to find out which one of the four girls is the favourite. Hot damn!

So I answered her like the grown up which I am.

"When you have a child, your heart splits but remains whole. It keeps splitting with every child so you love them equally because a parent's heart remains intact".

She goes to school. Then I am left thinking of her question.

I come from a family of 45 kids. Oh yes..I have 44 siblings.

Growing up, we always wanted to know which one of us was most loved. Mzee had his favourite child. It was not Leah. All the mothers had their favourite child. Usually their first born.

But one day, something hit me. Stephen is the first born of dad and mom. So he automatically was the favoured.

Tabisa is next but a girl. A girl? OMG. Not a boy.  So we grew up knowing that Stephen could always get away with murder. Problem is he is so gentle he used to run for his life upon seeing a roach. Still can never hurt anyone.

Our sister on the other hand would pick up a broom and hunt down every roach to spare her brother.

Much later when we were in Bududa and I insisted on sleeping in my mango tree, Stephen said "well, if she wants to be a monkey and be happy, let her sleep in her tree".

Suddenly, war breaks out on the village. Tabisa is yelling "Leah climb down now. I have to bathe you".

There is something magnificent about being tiny. I was on a branch which would break if a big person climbed up.

Then the wonder. Papa Kibeti. He is standing at the bottom of the tree. "Mayi Leah. Kametsi kange. Nalwire. Yitsa utsye underere kametsi".

Climb down and no one from the crowd is waiting to cane me. Go to the river Namakhuli and return with water for my papa Kibeti.

He then sat me down and asked me if I intend to live in a tree forever.

"Papa wamanyile. Tabisa bali khumuyila iMagale. But she is not the favourite child even".

So three days ago, had to think katono.

Thierry has favs. Dora is an engineer. Thierry builds things and loves to work with her. Tasha was a premmie. He quit his job to raise a brat.  So yes...Tasha and Dora are his favourite kids.

When Rebecca was born, I asked the doctor if I had born a baby. It was shocking to see I had a baby. Then in 2003 when we camped at Pearson airport waiting for our oldest daughter.  So much waiting. So many years. So many tears. I looked at Annet and my heart split. Oh dear Jesus. Can this be real?

In the end, maybe it is good that Tasha asked.

She belongs with her older civil engineer sister.

I have my 2 magnificent UN peace makers.

Martha Leah Nangalama
We do not even fight over the kids. The 4 girls are secure in love from both parents.

Natasha had a total meltdown the other day. "I hate sciences. I hate sciences. I should take the arts".... "so why not just take the arts babyboo?".  GREAT GREAT MA. I am gonna take engineering at least it only requires Maths and I love Maths and Maths is art.

What is in a degree for #Uganda? #GirlChild #Parent

University or college is not meant for everyone.

In fact, many of us only got degrees because we were obedient to our parents and elders.

"Leah, you either go to university or get a husband"!

Such horror. If husband was anything like my brothers then it was a sure thing to remain in school.

The epitome of introduction to men were my brothers. Yuck. Yuck.  They are awful. I am sitting there after a descent beating and looking at those despicables "dear Jesus, please spare me from men. My brothers are despicable".

Now we are vested in school. "Jesus, I wanna just be a farmer. Can grow food".

Problem. In my tribe at that time, land was only for boys. Even as I had been allocated land to grow things, it was marked for one of my brothers.  So school haunted me.

October 2000 when the elders read Mzee Nangalama's will before we burried him, my sister and I were in shock.

He had allocated all his land to his sons. Oh the pain was unreal. I had not shed a single tear. Dad had gone home. But now I am crying. How could hate me to his death?  I could farm better than my annoying brothers.

It made no sense that all the boys got land. With coffee on the land.

Towards the end, I do not even remember who was reading the will.  Land allocated to his daughters.  Suddenly paying attention because me gonna get my land by my birth right.

Then they carry the casket to intern the most awesome man next to Jesus.  Wait..something was amiss. What about the land for Leah and Tabisa?  Our mom was already full of herself because Stephen had been left land.

Gotta catch a plane next day. What about my land?  It was devastating.

Nelson can read me like a book. Says "you missed something. You did not pay attention".

Mzee's will had the last paragraph. As if to remind us that we must always pay attention!

"I leave no land for Tabisa and Leah. They have an inheritence no man will ever take away from them".

That is the best gift. EDUCATION. My sister and I got no land but mzee ensured we would survive forever.  My sister teaches Biology and Agriculture.  We grow food. Animal husbandry "yaya, so how do I skin a fish?"

"Leah, computer programming will not teach you to grow food or raise chicken. Go outside".

In the end, we grow food and tweak gadgets. Had we been given land with coffee, we would not have learned that the world is full of potential.  So much out there.

EDUCATION is truly liberating.

Martha Leah Nangalama

@Facebook suspends account of Martha Leah Nangalama. Who died and made Mark God?

Apparently FB thinks it is the only medium of communication.

They should buy off all media and ISP registers.

All African depots want no activists on FB.

But FB allowing idiots to use complaints from fakers to trigger thresh holds to block pages only increases competition against FB.

Google brats always use more than one way to communicate.

The big thing is the picture of the 6yr old who was shot in cold blood in Kenya.

FB is on record for also blocking the little girl burning in Cambodia.

As I write this, it is only maybe only 10k people who read my posts on FB in Africa. Millions read my blogs and news site.

In November 2016, all media in Uganda was gagged about Kasese genocide. Still got the information to the world.

Some of us are only in to help humanity. Many of you only look at $$$.

When FB blocks a prominent social justice advocate for Uganda, it is Uganda which suffers. I am comfortable in Canada and looking at good money when (if) Exxonmobil sacks me.

Does also help that I am a techie in oil.

Go ahead and kill your company.

Note to self: short FB next week.

FB caters to poor and rich. Activists cater for the poor!

Martha Leah Nangalama
Maybe I will now deploy Vilipo which will whack FB down. Fair play. Could not have come at a better time. Brummel has been working on me to deploy Vilipo and today FB confirms Brummel.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

#Nsenene #Uganda bugs for food. Yummy. Span sent the video.


#Ugandan dance. Looks like Bakiga.


#Uganda - @MugishaMuntu loss to POA wake up call for all opposition @FDCofficial1 #KizzaBesigye1 @HEBobiWine

By Nathan Span


We call upon all other regions to stand up and get involved in the politics of our nation especially the central region. Stand up and be counted. Central region has been pushed aside in the politics of Uganda since 1962 by force not by ballots. Buganda and Eastern regions have been dormant in politics and it should change. Those in power for the last three decades cannot develop anything but tribalism and stealing of national properties and Sam Kutesa has confirmed that NRM is a party of thieves.

Central region and Eastern regions have stood by hoping for a miracle to happen and the sour truth is that its time to fight for our nation’s destiny. Two regions have taken the mantle of power in our nation’s history and the outcomes have been chaos, poverty, joblessness, torture, corruption, lawlessness, tribalism, sectarianism, nepotism and much more.

Many people especially from NRM have used the word Tribalism at every opportunity to scare off other regions from contesting for power specifically people from the central region and Eastern regions. This should not prevent us from fighting to put our nation back on track for development and away from thieves.

The pain that has stricken NRM emanating from Mugisha Muntu not winning the FDC elections must be taken very seriously by other regions. NRM supporters now believe that power belongs to the Western part of the country and specifically those with Rwanda’s family background. If you don’t have a Rwandese historically connection, then you’re not fit to be president. We have seen the way they have treated KB, JPAM, Sejusa  etc who do not have a Rwandese connection and the way NRM supporters have reacted to Muntu’s loss.

Labeling Span as a tribalist individual for speaking out the truth will not deter me in fighting for the well being of our nation. Most NRM supporters are the most tribalist Ugandans ever grabbed power and this comes from the top. These people have no idea what developing a nation is all about and we have heard them say that Museveni brought them from very far and this must be a concern to those that are interested in developing the country not interested in retaining power.

Mugisha Muntu must understand that in a democracy where the political ground is leveled, one loses and one is declared the victor. Expecting to win elections by NRM standards is detrimental to democracy. Muntu has not complained of electoral malpractice and why is he bitter that he lost? This should be a concern to the rest of Uganda that if we don’t stand up as one, political power in Uganda is going to be ring fenced to one group of people with a Rwandese historical background.



#Uganda central bank ready to close more commercial banks

DAILY MONITOR Kampala - Bank of Uganda (BoU) deputy governor has warned that as regulators of commercial banks, they are ready to close all deposit-taking financial commercial institutions that put clients’ money at risk.

Dr Louis Kasekende says some sections of the public should stop misjudging and attacking the Central Bank because of the number of banks it has closed since it has saved hundreds of depositors from losing their money.

“Before we close any bank, we impose constraints on activities of the bank which are threatening depositors' money," he said.

Speaking at the seventh International Leadership Conference at the Golf Course View Hotel in Entebbe on Wednesday, Dr Kasekende said that since 2004, no single depositor has lost money to a poor performing bank because it is the responsibility of BoU to protect depositors’ cash.

“When we closed NBC Bank, all the depositors were able to transact at Crane Bank. When we closed Crane Bank, depositors were able to transact at DFCU and when NC bank had issues in Kenya, we sold it to Exim Bank without a single depositor losing a shilling," he said.

Asked why an award-winning bank like Crane Bank which was highly ranked and expanding was closed, Dr Kasekende said before such banks are licenced, they present very good proposals which they fail to operationalise.

"It is very expensive to get a bank on its feet because of the operational costs. Some of these banks are like babies that remain stunted but what is important is to avoid misrepresenting the financial and governance issues," he said.

He said he would love to explain what happened to Crane Bank but he is constrained by the on-going court case.

"The day we win the court case, call me and I will tell you everything that was happening," he said.

BoU sued Mr Ruparelia and his Meera Investments in July, accusing the tycoon of fleecing the then Crane Bank of Shs397b in disputed transactions, a claim the businessman denies in his countersuit filed in the High Court recently.

The leadership conference is an initiative by Makerere University Business School (MUBS) to bring together government leaders and academia to discuss matters affecting the economy.

Prof. Wasswa Balunywa the principal MUBS said they invited the deputy governor to open the conference because of the role he played in stabilising Uganda's economy.

"When President Museveni came to power in 1986, he was a communist but Dr Kasekende was instrumental in making him change to capitalism to allow market forces to operate," he said.

UN war crimes court suspended after #Slobodan commits suicide - #Bosnia #Genocide

UN Court Suspended After War Crimes Suspect Claims to Have Swallowed Poison

© REUTERS/ ICTUN judges have suspended an appeal hearings on war crimes after one of the suspects allegedly "takes poison" upon a guilty

SPUTNIK - During an appeal judgment at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) 72-year-old former Bosnian Croat military leader Slobodan Praljak drank something which is alleged to be poison from a small bottle after judjes announced his 20-year jail sentence, AFP reported.
"I am not a war criminal, I oppose this conviction," Praljak told the court before drinking from a flask.
Praljak's lawyer Natasa Faveau-Ivanovic consequently confirmed that his client "drank poison this morning."
The hearing was immediately suspended after the incident and the judge called for an ambulance.
Praljak was taken out of the courtroom and security service ordered that "nobody touches a bottle."
Hours after the court spokesperson announced that Praljak is still "alive" and is currently being under medical treatment, Croatian state news agency HINA reported that suspect had died.
The courtroom where Praljak has reportedly swallowed poison has been dubbed "crime scene," with police conducting investigation into the incident, Reuters reported, citing a UN judge.

Praljak is one of six former Bosnian Croat wartime commanders convicted of murdering Muslims during Bosnia's war who were due to hear their verdicts today.
Previously, the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia found former leader of Bosnian Serbs and military commander Ratko Mladic guilty of the involvement in the Srebrenica massacre and committing crimes against humanity and sentenced him to life in prison.
Wednesday's hearing was the last judgment by the UN war crimes tribunal before it closes next month.

#Allardyce appointed #Everton manager

Sam Allardyce is the new Everton manager on a £6m-a-year contract

Sam Allardyce has been confirmed as Everton's new manager with majority shareholder Farhad Moshiri hailing him as a 'strong leader' and pledging 'he can go as far as he wants.'

Allardyce, 63, returned from a holiday with his wife Lynne on Wednesday and met Moshiri to thrash out the finer details of his contract.

He will earn a salary approaching £6million a year during the 18-month deal and the former England manager will begin his tenure with Saturday's Premier League fixture against Huddersfield Town at Goodison Park.

However, he will attend Wednesday night's home match against West Ham.

#Pope does not mention ethnic cleansing on #Myanmar visit - #Genocide

Pope Francis gives a speech during a meeting with members of the civil society and diplomatic corps in Naypyitaw, Myanmar

SPUTNIK - During his three-day visit to the conflict-ravaged Southeast Asian nation, His Holiness Pope Francis held a historic mass, where he urged reconciliation, while conspicuously omitting any reference to the plight of over 650,000 Rohingya Muslims who are caught in what top diplomats are calling a "major humanitarian crisis."

Preaching to some 150,000 Catholics in Yangon's Kyaikkasan Ground Park, Pope Francis underscored that the Christian way is to respond to hatred and violence with "forgiveness and compassion."

The sermon, which was given as part of the first ever Papal visit to Myanmar, sought to address the brutal violence that has rocked the nation for the past year, while evading controversy by expressly calling out the country's security forces for their military operation in Rakhine State on the country's west coast."I know that many in Myanmar bear the wounds of violence, wounds both visible and invisible," the Pope declared.

"We think that healing can come from anger and revenge. Yet the way of revenge is not the way of Jesus."

"Many of you have come from far and remote mountainous areas, some even on foot," the Pope said. "I have come as a fellow pilgrim to listen and to learn from you, as well as to offer you some words of hope and consolation".
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Symbolically, the sermon was held in Yangton, Myanmar's largest city, which was formerly known as Rangoon, literally "the End of Strife." Myanmar is a predominantly Buddhist country, where only about 660,000 of the nation's 52 million people identify as Catholic.

The country has been plagued by brutal violence in the northern part of Rakhine State, where the predominantly Muslim Rohingya population has been targeted by the Myanmar security forces in retaliation for the Rohingya insurgents' attacks on the military facilities in the region.

The conflict, which has already taken lives of over 2,000 people and displaced about 650,000 others, has caused an outrage in the international community.
 Last week, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson stated that "it is clear that the situation in northern Rakhine state constitutes ethnic cleansing against the Rohingya."

Similarly, a spokesman for British Prime Minister Theresa May said that the military operation "looks like ethnic cleansing."A number of international human rights NGOs, including Amnesty International, branded the Myanmar government as "apartheid."

As part of his official visit, the Pope met with the embattled Myanmar leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, who has been pressured to voice her opposition to the largely autonomous Myanmar military's actions.

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During the press conference this Tuesday, the Pope stated that rights of all Myanmar people- "none excluded"- should respected, yet he avoided to refer to the Rohingya by name, disappointing many human rights activists.

However, the pontiff's next stop after Myanmar is Bangladesh, the main destination for the Rohingya fleeing the conflict, where the Pope is expected to meet some refugees from Rakhine State.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

#UN asks #Brazil for peacekeepers for Central African Republic - #CAR

The United Nations has asked Brazil to send troops to join its peace mission in the Central African Republic, said Jean-Pierre Lacroix, the U.N.'s head of peacekeeping operations, in an interview Monday.
The U.N. Security Council approved this month the deployment of an additional 900 peacekeepers to protect civilians in the impoverished landlocked nation, where violence broke out between Muslims and Christians in 2013.
Lacroix said violence had increased in the east, largely due to a security vacuum left by the departure of Ugandan troops, who had been part of a separate U.S.-supported African Union task force tracking Lord's Resistance Army rebels.
The request for troops from Brazil, which has just ended a 13-year mission in Haiti, must be agreed to by President Michel Temer and approved by the Brazilian Congress.
"Brazil has a huge degree of know-how and professionalism and we definitely need those kinds of troops in our peacekeeping operations," Lacroix told Reuters in Brazil's capital, ahead of a meeting with the top brass of the country's armed forces.
Jean-Pierre Lacroix, United Nations' Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations, attends an interview with Reuters in Brasilia, Brazil, Nov. 27, 2017.
Jean-Pierre Lacroix, United Nations' Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations, attends an interview with Reuters in Brasilia, Brazil, Nov. 27, 2017.
The troops did a "fantastic, really exceptional" job in Haiti, where they improved the security situation by establishing a relationship of trust with the Haitian population and exhibited good conduct and discipline, he said.
Brazil is emerging from its worst recession on record and a huge government budget deficit could weigh on a decision to send more troops abroad, though its contribution to peacekeeping has enhanced the South American nation's international influence.
U.N. peacekeeping forces are facing the pinch of the United States pushing to reduce costs. Washington pays more than 28 percent of the $7.3 billion annual U.N. peacekeeping budget.
In June, the U.N. agreed to $600 million in cuts to more than a dozen missions for the year ending June 30, 2018.
Lacroix said the peacekeeping mission in Ivory Coast had been closed, troop deployment in Sudan's Darfur was being reduced, and next year the peacekeeping operation in Liberia would be closed down.
"There is an expectation that we be prudent and use our resources in the most cost-effective way we can," said Lacroix, a French diplomat who has been in the role since April.
The political objectives and efficiency of almost all of the U.N.'s 15 peacekeeping operations worldwide were under review, Lacroix said.

Vietnamese blogger jailed for exposing chemical spill

IBTIMES - Vietnamese blogger jailed for reporting devastating chemical spill but CEOs responsible walk free
More than 200,000 people were directly affected by the disaster that poisoned fish along Vietnam's central coast.
Nguyen Van Hoa was jailed for 7 years.

A Vietnamese blogger has been jailed for seven years for reporting on a chemical spill that poisoned around 125 miles of the country's central coastline in 2016.

On Wednesday (27 November), Nguyen Van Hoa, 22, was found guilty of disseminating anti-state 'propaganda' in the form of videos and written reports about protests against the spill.

The disaster occurred in April 2016 when hundreds of people became ill from eating poisoned fish.

It emerged several months later that a steel factory owned by Taiwanese Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Corporation had leaked chemicals into the adjacent South China Sea.

More than 200,000 people working in the region were directly affected by the poisoning, according to the Vietnamese ministry of labour.

Formosa took responsibility for the spill, which is considered one of the worst environmental disasters in the country's history, and agreed to pay $500m in damages.

The payment has done little to appease many Vietnamese, whose communities were devastated in the disaster. In April, on the first anniversary of the spill, thousands of people occupied beaches, roads and public buildings throughout Vietnam, demanding justice.

Phil Robertson, deputy director of the Asia division at Human Rights Watch (HRW), told IBTimes UK: "By throwing citizen journalist and blogger Nguyen Van Hoa in prison for daring to expose Formosa's devastating chemical dumping that destroyed the coastal and marine environment in four provinces, Vietnam is displaying outrageous disdain for press freedom and human rights, and prioritizing the interests of foreign investors over the quality of its own people's lives."

Reporters without Borders (RSF) also denounced the verdict. "We firmly condemn this totally disproportionate sentence," said Daniel Bastard, Asia-Pacific director at RSF. "Not even [Hoa's] family was warned that this trial was going to take place. Such drastic action confirms the intransigence of Vietnam's refusal to tolerate any reporting freedom. Vietnam's commercial partners should draw the appropriate conclusions."

"This is an extreme reaction and sheds light on a country that is all to often overlooked when it comes to media freedom in the region, despite being amongst the most restrictive," Jemimah Steinfeld, deputy editor of the Index on Censorship magazine, told IBTimes UK.

"Index is very concerned about this increased government focus on censoring social media and what this means for freedom of expression for everyone in Vietnam, and in particular journalists and bloggers," she said.

Hoa is the second blogger to be jailed for reporting on the protests against Formosa. In June, blogger Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh, better known as Mother Mushroom, was sentenced to 10 years in prison for writing about the spill.