Tuesday, October 24, 2017

RIP #Sears #Canada, you had it coming - #Breastfeeding #Parenting

I breastfeed my kids till age 3 when another one is born.

Did not taking any of those usefull pre-baby classes.

How hard could it be? My mothers, grand mothers or aunties did not attend lessons to born babies.

This morning, CTV ran an emmision saying "new published research demonstrates that mothers naturally pick up a crying baby as they seem to be wired to care for babies". Tasha laughed so hard and it was 6:30Am our time as she was getting ready for school".

"Mom, I am gonna be a researcher. Which mom does not pick up a crying child?"

When Rebecca was 9mths old, we took the subway. I was told not to feed her.  Told the conductor "arrest me". Continued feeding my kid.

We got to the Eaton centre. Breast milk is predigested. The kid was hungry. I sat in the biggest mall to feed the bambina.

Was told to go feed her in the loo. Do you see how Things Fall Apart?  How many of you eat your meals in a bathroom?

Then I breastfeed in The Bay. Get kicked out.

Finally we are transferred to Moncton.  Sears and the Bay kicked me out for breastfeeding in public.

So this kawala at the local Sears store kicks me out.

I had gotten over Toronto. Breast feeding on the subway and all malls. There was no way in hell my kids were gonna eat in the loo.

I told the teen store worker to call her manager to dare kick me out.

Manager shows up and proceeds to tell me "nurse baby in the toilet. We do not tolerate nudity. Cover your boobs".

I take my kids out and feed them in the parking lot but told Sears I give you 10yrs. You will go out of business".

Eatons, Bay and Sears were pioneering companies in Canada. Sears was also in US.

Instead of them paying attention to their profits, they were paying attention to my boobs. And my boobs are tiny to boot.

I was in the parliament of Ontario one time and Tasha was so tiny. As I was talking to the Premier, Hon. Mike Harris (consertive), the little Tasha decided to scream like an alien.  He said "maybe you feed her".  So I am feeding the little monkey and everyone is not even caring.

My nephew Peter was a page in parliament and had told the premier "my baby cousin gets hungry out of the blue".

Most people who lived in Ontario when Hon. Mike Harris was premier remember him as a no nosense man.  He was a teacher before he became Premier of Ontario.

He blazed a path. Based on common sense. Retired now. I am gonna dig up pictures when he took the baby and held this tiny monkey in his arms and picrures.

Humility.  The most powerful man in Canada endorsed my breast feeding in public.

You can ask Bob Mushikori (Bugisu King).

Now I hear girls in Uganda have few options. It is because the leaders do not give a damn.

One day, Uganda will understand like Canada. Uganda will provide solutions for parents and their kids.

Till then, we must awaken the masses to overlook noise. For surely, a breast feeding mother means well.

Martha Leah Nangalama
YES, I feel frustrated for our ignorance of our key issues. The picture is of Rebecca modelling for Sears where I was not allowed to feed her.
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