Monday, August 21, 2017

#Uganda opposition party @FDCofficial1 on gov’t payroll suck Museveni's breasts - critics

Critics claim they have it on undisputed authority that some members of the leading opposition Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] party are on government payroll.

David Kabanda‏, NRM youth league leader in Sembabule district, claims there are members of FDC who are on government payroll and are being paid specifically to disorganise the opposition on behalf of the ruling party.

"FDC's objectives vary from its supporters' objectives,” Kabanda said Sunday while appearing on NBS TV “Eagle” programme.

He said while FDC wants to be the leading opposition party in the country, its supporters want it to be in power.

“There is no difference between FDC and NRM,” Kabanda argued.
He added: “The members were breastfed by the same mother [Kaguta Museveni].”
Former FDC president, Kizza Besigye, crossed from government to start Reform Agenda that metamorphosed into FDC.

He served as Museveni’s personal doctor in the bush war and even held important positions in government till his decision to run against Museveni in 2001 elections.
Outgoing FDC president, Mugisha Muntu, crossed from government to opposition after resigning his position in Uganda People’s Defence Force [UPDF].

Amanya Mushega who has served as the FDC chairperson western region crossed from government to opposition. He is in the news for asking Museveni to hand over power peacefully.
Radio personality, Mivule Basajja, believes now FDC is more divided than any other political party in this country.

“By 2021, most of their people will be part of NRM,” he said.

According to Mivule, Mugisha Muntu has tried to do his part in FDC but it is not going anywhere.
He said President Museveni's major constituency right now is FDC because “it has kept him in power”.

The two critics, however, did not mention names of specific FDC members who are being paid by government to sabotage opposition.

source: @UG_EDGE

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