Friday, August 25, 2017

#Uganda judges go on strike over low pay - #Law

This is not something us Ugandans can sympathize with.
Over the last 31 years, these apparently well educated ladies and gentlemen have been on a rampage to imprison people and have always turned a blind eye to our suffering.
None of them ever stood up when Makerere University was closed for 2.5 months.
None of them stood up when people were being killed in Kampala and Kayunga.
You could hear a pin drop when hundreds were butchered in Bundibugyo.
What is even shocking in this age, they did not lay down their tools when hundreds were slaughtered in Kasese on November 26 and 27 in 2016.
These self serving people have never come out demanding that political prisoners be released.
Nay..they hardly talk about the land grabbing and not once have they used their positions to challenge big wigs flying abroad for medical treatment while our own die in dilapidated hospitals.
Did you hear them talk when torture victims were paraded?
Perhaps some of you think they really deserve to be paid well.  Nope.  They take bribes and kill murder cases and turn a blind eye when the goons shoot kids at Makerere.

In their arrogance, they did not see that President Yoweri Museveni was playing them.  Since they have never fought injustice, he knows not to listen to them.
Their strike is a sham.  They know well that they will have to agree to the land grab bill and the life presidency.  All he has to do is double their pathetic pay and like dogs following a bone, they shall return to their malingering and mataquating and zero will change.
May lightening strike their cows, goats and chicken.  May they get bad belly aches.  May their land (stolen from us) get infested with army worms.

Being a judge or margistrate in Uganda brings shame to the profession of LAW.

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