Monday, August 28, 2017

#Uganda #Bududa landslides of August 2017 were a curse

In 2013 and 2014 I begged my people in Bududa district to plant trees.  I know that place very well because it is my home.

I supplied all the seeds for the trees.  My team in Uganda and I had decided to plant Moringa trees which are edible and medicinal and we were supplying all the seeds.  I have no idea even how much money I paid to NFA (National Forestry Agency) for those bloody trees.  Previously apparently these trees had been sold for UGX 1500 a piece (about $0.35) and here I was giving them for free.

Ugandans are strange people.  I had forestry and agriculture experts asking me why the moringa tree and if I had done field research.  Here was the problem.  I was giving the damn trees away for free!  Grow a brain.

So my people decided not to plant the trees and if you check FBzero, they even abused me for daring to tell them to plant trees to protect their lands and their lives.  The Internet keeps everything.  You can even do a Google search "Martha Leah Nangalama moringa trees Uganda".

In 2010 Bududa had suffered massive landslides and hundreds of people were buried alive.  Given that I am from Bududa, it is my duty to help my people using whichever means I have at disposal.

So yesterday, August 27, 2017, a friend from Bududa alerts me about the landslides.  My initial reaction was to get the information out.  My next reaction was "the authorities are going to help".  Mr. Wilson Watila said something very important.  Move away from the high hills and to the lower places then go harvest your food in the day time and the rains will not stay.

So apparently, and according to Daily Monitor, some 200 families have been displaced and people are homeless.  The other issue is their gardens which were ripe for harvest also got buried.  We likely need food for them, shelter and medicine but in the end, this whole thing of Bududa landslides will not go away until we plant all the trees we previously cut down for fuel / charcoal / lumber.

It is unconscionable to think that President Yoweri Museveni is going to rush to Bududa to bring you a tin of beans and a kilo of posho.  At one point in time we must stop acting like cousins of monkeys and care for ourselves and our community.  Just share the food you have and tell them all to plant trees when the rains stop.  Be assured that next year when the rains come, Bududa will face a similar crisis.

I am willing to partner with others from Bududa to help our people.  Those of you at home, please take care of basic necessities.  I shall work with you on long term solutions and request State House to help us to reforest Bududa.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Bakala bakyo iwe uzanya buzanyi bakala bakyo. Tsingururwe tsibakhere mwesitsana.

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