Monday, August 21, 2017

Today's #Uganda youth have no future, just a wasted generation

We have heard of many youth groups popping up in Uganda societies as if it is a milestone to be a youth. Corruption has hindered youth development but many youth believe that tomorrow will be a better day. No it will not be with a corrupt government in power.
Those that were born in 1986 are now 31 years old and mostly they are parents already. The lifespan in Uganda is projected at 55 years of age. Now those born in 1986, have wasted 31 years and accordingly, they are left with only 24 years to live on average. Exactly what has been your role in this world? Museveni's generation benefited the most because by the time Museveni was 42 he was already a president and we could even put him at a young age of 39 if we go by his baptism record. Museveni is stuck in power like sticky crazy glue.
What is someone who is 31, doing supporting NRM? Corruption destroys jobs. If you go to a store to buy goods, you expect quality for your money, why is it then you pay taxes but you don't demand quality service deliveries? Whom do you think is gonna make sure that the goods you have paid for are in good condition? The payer or the seller? You're the buyer and the government is the seller.
The majority of road fatalities affect the youth mostly and not the elderly and who is going to demand that your tax money is put to good use, to reduce such accidents? Educated youth are given a new unemployment title and they become a statistical group. Those that are in power will accumulate wealth and the tax payers will end up accumulating poverty.
Without jobs, educated or otherwise will turn into criminals and then hell breaks loose. The poor people will carry out mob justice to the poor thief but when the rich steal the money, the corrupt rich will never carry out mob justice on themselves. Those poor unemployed youth are always seen congregating around the corrupt and richer people because they expect some brown envelope from the richer people or mugati.
Why is it that the poor always keep on giving the rich and the rich guy will never turn down a gift from a poor individual. Did you see poor people giving Museveni presents on the streets? Did Museveni turn the gifts down? Now go try to steal one of Museveni's cows and you will see hell on earth. It is our collective efforts to demand better service delivery for our hard earned money. Do not become a road kill, demand better roads, it is your life and your money.

Nathan Span

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