Saturday, August 26, 2017

#SouthSudan's #Kirr says regional block #IGAD doesn't want #Machar in national dialogue

South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir has denied attempts by his administration to bar exiled rebel chief Riek Machar from returning to the country to participate in the dialogue process, saying the decision to exclude his archival was reached by IGAD member countries in the hope of preventing renewed conflict in the country.
“We didn't really exclude anyone. But for Riek, he knows why. It is not he who is not interested in joining but the whole region does not want him to [join]. That was the agreement because whenever he comes here, he would create a situation that takes people back to war,” Kiir told the German media, Deutsche Welle.
Addressing the official launch of the national dialogue at Freedom Hall in Juba in May, President Kiir said: “Everybody is welcome to participate in the national dialogue except Riek Machar, because if he comes he will cause another war in Juba.”
President Kiir said the opposition led by former first vice president Riek Machar was not a threat to his government in Juba.

He [Machar] is only making confusion calling his supporters on the phone. He knows where they are hiding and these are the people who are still making problems, continuing to fight and do not want to make peace. He has no spirit of leadership, no spirit of togetherness. He wants people to die every day,” he said.
Kiir further said he is free to go anywhere he would like to visit in the country denying reports that he was confined to the capital Juba because of security threats.
The South Sudanese president also denied claims that government forces are involved in looting and other abuses against civilians in different parts of the country.
In his interview with Deutsche Welle, Kiir pointed out that the South Sudanese who sought refuge in neighbouring Uganda were chased away by social media, saying there was no fighting in their areas.
“They were told to leave because they know a UN official came in to assess the humanitarian situation to decide if there was need for assistance. Instead, he went and reported that there was a looming genocide in South Sudan, which has not happened up to now. People were called from their houses and told to run away, that if you don't go after one hour you would be a dead person,” he said.

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