Monday, August 21, 2017

PICTURES: #Museveni tries to show he is not a ruthless murderer - #Uganda

Social media is awash with pictures of President Yoweri Museveni carrying a baby in a move many claim is a PR stunt.
Museveni on Monday made several stop-overs at Ndeeba, Natete, Kyengera and Kawanda, speaking to artisans along the highway.
Museveni was photographed carrying a baby while standing in his open-roof car.
Museveni has since been accused of seeking cheap popularity.
Some compared the incident to when he received a road side phone call.

With hundreds of locals swarming the car, Museveni lifted up the baby and enjoyed a moment with the little one in the Monday incident.
The baby too seemed to enjoy being in the old man's hands, looking on and savouring all the attention.
Museveni later handed back the baby to the mother before addressing the crowd.
Museveni encouraged the artisans to form organised groups so that government can support them.
"It's easier to help organized groups than to help individuals," he said.
He cited the example of Najera youth in Wakiso district who he recently facilitated with common user facilities in metal fabrication as part of Government efforts to help the people.
He informed them that he has personally come forward to help people involved in various artisan trades.

source: @UG_EDGE

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