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Letter from #Mbale to #Museveni - #Uganda

First published by Change of Guards Blog on July 16, 2015.

Mr. President,

We write to register our disappointment over some developments within our party which you offered to lead until when God will choose to summon you from planet earth.
First of all, we were dismayed by your contribution in affording Amama Mbabazi an opportunity to have the launch of his presidential bid in Njeru and at Kiira Road Police Station wide local and international live media coverage.

The previous week he had missed a 20km+ long guard of honor along Entebbe Road mounted by the NRM police when JPAM failed to show up from an overseas trip. To us who were approached by the NRM MPs following your sole candidature resolution at Kyankwanzi, we have been left in the cold. However, it goes ahead to confirm what our detractors have always claimed that you are aging and loosing focus.

We would wish to know from you what happened of the financially costly sole candidature project; or it may have died a natural death just like the Muhoozi (your son) Project.

We had always been hearing about the modern training and equipment that our party's Police (formerly Uganda Police) have acquired. We had always been hearing from our relatives and friends in Kampala about the compulsory daily doze of tear gas and Kiboko/enkoni (lashes) squads.

Because of your concern for the tax payers of Mbale, last week we had the opportunity to see the same doing rehearsals in Mbale town. Affande Omala (Dr Kiiza Besigye's physician) had already registered his presence in town and the Kiboko squad drawn from the Crime Preventers were on stand by.

Some tax payers here were speculating that the Mambas (Anti-riot Personnel Carriers) had been acquired from South Africa but I confirmed to them that they had been used by the Apartheid regime to quell political dissent. Another stranger who had been following our argument chipped in that the current anti-riot training is facilitated by Egypt. We thank you for equipping the party police.

Mr President, our greatest hour of disappointment came when we learnt that Affande Kawesi had blocked Amama Mbabazi from proceeding to Mbale. Most astonishing was the fact that he had been blocked at Njeru in Jinja where the NRM Police staged another show.  Affande Omala was equally as disappointed as the Tax payers here. He had hopped to have a change of specimen after months of being relieved from serving Dr. Besigye.

We are reliably told that Police Chief Kayihura is bent on undermining your support in Mbale. Moreover, Njeru which stole the show is not an NRM strong hold. We therefore suggest that if you are to regain the confidence of Mbale residents, Mbabazi's scheduled tour of Kapchorwa should be blocked in Mbale. That way, your wanainchi will be able to fully participate in the demonstration of the efficiency of the NRM Police. You see, unlike the land locked Njeru, Mbale borders with an EAC member country where free entry is guaranteed in case the show gets bitter.

Mr. President, in line with your policy of Kulembeka (tapping resources), we did not lose out completely. Your agents led by Oil Minister Irene Muloni really treated us to a cash bash during the tour and she even led a rehearsal march in town. Of course, it was only those who could afford to don the yellow T-shirts and Caps bearing your portrait that were being given.

As usual, we the leaders took the lion's share and I immediately bought all the construction materials for my house that had stalled after the 2011 electioneering period when you closed all the taps of cash. Had it not been for the people's enemy, Kayihura to have blocked Amama Mbabazi, we had planned to also don his T-shirts and turn up in big numbers to receive him so that we could also tap from his generosity - as you know he is also 'loaded'.

On this one we may sound opportunistic but please be assured that it won’t affect your performance since it is your personal control of cash and the security forces that matters. This is especially in view of the fact that the usual tactic of 'terror threats' seem to be getting outdated.

Finally Mr. President, we seek your clarification on whether the sole candidature project still stands. If not, we suggest that you task your team to devise a way of looking for a Kyakuwa like lady who will act as a victim of rape by Amama Mbabazi and infecting her with Gray hair.

Kyakuwa in the case of Dr. Besigye's rape case did make an impact although it is CID Director Elizabeth Kutesa who benefited more. This time around, Hon Tumwebaze's wife will play a better Kyakuwa. Otherwise, the Kanungu man seem determined and at times I wonder how many cows he has; because he does not kugamba busha nk'uwente emwe (talking nonsense like someone who owns only one cow).

Even the NRM Electoral Commission Chairman Tanga Odoi may not be of help since, if I may borrow your words, 'he easily gets excited'. The way he received Mbabazi at the party headquarters was so civilised that it makes our NRM police officers think twice. Maybe you should have first offered Dr Odoi a lecture on the party's history as far as those who get 'excited' are concerned. What about the vast amount of resources we have invested over the time to fail Mbabazi's plans???

I appreciate the precious time you have dedicated to reading through my brief.

Thank you,

Cadre Mpakalast 

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