Thursday, August 31, 2017

Human Computer Interaction (HCI) helps with use of technology

This is a widely researched topic and has been around since computers went from big warehouses to desktops to now our hand as smart phones.

HCI is one of those things some of us had to learn in school but no one cares anymore or those who care do not give a damn.

Let me talk about this for Uganda.

Some of you people have a tendency to write everything in capital letters.  In those days before every moron had a kachupuli, we used to think of writing in all CAPS as screaming.  Why are you screaming at your readers?

Then we have the ones who use colours.  Go change the template of your blog and make it plain.  Like white background and front in black or blue.  Some of you have black backgrounds and write in red.  Do you know that the average human eye is very colour specific and the colours of the rainbow need to be used gently?

THEN OF COURSE the flash.  About 15% of the world's population suffers from motion sickness.  Stop putting moving things on your blog or news paper.  Actually my web designer finally blocked me (maybe I blocked him).  He has this TRENDING STORIES and the bloody sticker kept moving each time I looked at the sight.  I ran out of gravol.  I explained.  He did not get it.  But it got so bad I was not even looking at the freaking sight because I suffer from very severe motion sickness.  But Saint Peter fixed it.  I woke up one day and nothing was moving.  Everything was static.

Back to the CAPITALIZATION of what you post on Facebook or WhatsApp.  Some of us do not read it and yet you could be saying something very important.  Please only use CAPS for emphasis but do not write 3 freaking paragraphs in caps.  AND go easy on those colours because I may be a girl but cannot stand things written in pink (only wearable though).

Martha Leah Nangalama
University of Toronto, Masters in Information Science

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