Thursday, August 31, 2017

Donny Osmond - Any Dream Will Do ~ Give Me My Colored Coat

I am passionate about the arts for kids.  Rebecca was only age 2yrs and I kept getting told that they would kick me out if the toddler cried.  One of my friends had season tickets to the Meadowvale Theatre in Mississauga just outside of Toronto.  That kid would get so animated and behave.

When Natasha came along, it got worse.  The kid used to sing in a very high pitch as soon as she would wake up and all day.  She still does it when not in class or at work.

But these people who work at the desks to get into theatres.  I do not think they like kids.  I would show up with small kids and they would give me a lecture that all the kids needed their own tickets.  Which was never an issue because I always bought the bloody tickets or Annie and Doug paid for them and I would sit the girls on my lap and they would not make a sound at all.

But this one time, we park in a rush downtown Toronto and I am carrying a baby and holding the hand of the older one and we run into the theatre.  Instead of the gentleman asking me for the tickets, he proceeded to lecture me in front of a crowd how I would be kicked out with both kids if they cried.

Then the beauty.  He had to use his flashlight to take us to our seats and opens the door as the others are skeptic.  Natasha could barely talk except (BAD MOMMIE) and then she is singing Mama Mia!  It was rather funny for everyone because the baby in my arms was singing in perfect pitch.  The guard said "I guess you are at the right theatre for the right show".

Where was I even going with this story?

So noticing that the girls enjoyed music, soon it was music lessons, music this and music that.  I used to work in Moncton.  The music teacher lived in Riverview.  The kids went to school in Shediac (about 30 mins drive).  So I jump out of work, scoot to Shediac, grab the kids, head to Riverview (45 mins) then wait.  Then bring them back home.  Homework.  Supper.  Bedtime stories.  Practice on the piano.  Not in order but I half went insane.

Ladies and gentlemen, the girls are now independent young women who love the arts and STEM and will be okay.  They are very responsible.  So when Albarka - Daniel and Alherri - Moses now pound the piano like to kill it, I know both my grandsons will be okay.  Moncton does not have broadway shows and I miss that I cannot take these two cute boys to experience theatre in front of their own eyes.  For now, we shall keep them hunting in our forest or jumping on the trampoline and throwing them in the swimming pool.  But this weekend, they are gonna learn to make cup cakes (me too since I do not know).

Martha Leah Nangalama

Passionate about parenting anyway that works.  HUMANITIES ARE NOT USELESS.

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