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Children give ideas to parents about their future even when small - #Parenting

At age 2yrs, our daughter refused to be dressed by anyone except herself.  She was already potty trained (keep in mind that she was a premmie in a hurry to get into the world).  That kid was quite a piece of work.

Anyway back to her profession.  So this one day, the kid is barely 2yrs old and insists on dressing herself up for church.  I used to be one of the Sunday School teachers (one month on, one month off) and it was my month.

There really is no reason to ever argue with a toddler.  So she dressed herself up.  All her clothes were inside out.  She had just made the potty training so she put on her knickers.  Then proceeded to put them on top of her clothes which were by now rainbow colours.  Cool.

We are in Grace United Church and the pastor is calling out the parent who is gonna take the little ones to Sunday school and here we are.  Mine stands up with all the others.  The pastor was rather funny.  He asked her who selects her clothes "me miself".  Luckily most of the other parents of the other kids knew that sometimes one does not argue with a toddler.  The Sunday school went rather nice because she was busy colouring everything in the rainbow colours.  Rebecca was mortified but kept her cool and told all her friends "my little sister has a mind of her own".

Fast forward.  In grade 3 she starts buying fedora hats and wearing them in summer, spring and fall. In winter she was wearing woolen hats like what you see on Russian Royalty.  No sweat.

Ladies and gentlemen, that stubborn attitudinal kid is now 16yrs old and has been working in a clothing and shoe store since the age of 15.  It is Guy's Frenchy's which is one of the biggest used clothing / shoe store chains in the Maritime provinces of Canada and we have learned something.

Used clothing and shoes are used or discards from factories or both or just to kill the clothing line.  Since she started her job, she buys designer wear in most everything and gets it very cheap because she is one of the sorters and cashiers when things come in.  She is the kind you meet on the shopping floor and will proceed to tell you,,,"this one is Forever 21 and brand new, grab it".  OR "this jacket would look great on you, let us try it on".  She even has this habit of telling older men "my dad would love this, let me text him to tell him to come check it out".  She cannot put anything aside for herself or family but my goodness she can get people to buy what is good for them (in her opinion, what looks awesome on them and is affordable).

Canada is a bit different from Uganda.  Kids here work from a very early age and learn to handle money.  These kids do not take anything for granted.  For example Natasha knows well that if she helps someone to buy a pair of shoes they might hate next week, the customer will not return.  So from the managers all the way to the 15yr olds who work in these shops, everyone including kids know that if the customer is not happy, the company will not grow sales.  This then becomes a big lesson for kids.  Most of them are working for minimum wage and working for people who are in the age group of their parents and grand parents and get paid the same.  The idea of making them work alongside the elders (and most kids are very respectful) is perhaps to ensure that they know if they drop out of school, at age 65 they will earn the same as a kid of age 15.

Helping kids to be responsible at an early age helps them to become more independent later in life and also choose their passion and work hard at whatever they attempt in life.  Most times their childhood loves and wants will not translate into their adult lives but at least they will have something to fall back on.  FYI - Natasha wants to become a Maths / Music teacher or a child psychologist (none of which has anything to do with fashion).  We are only heading into Grade 11 (S5) this September.

Nebilala, nebilala
Martha Leah Nangalama
Passionate about Education and Parenting right (if even that word exists).


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