Thursday, August 31, 2017

Bring back the reading culture to #Uganda

Yesterday, I wrote 2 stories which totally pissed off some Ugandans.

1) I am tribal and hate Basoga and Bagisu.
2) Ugandans must learn to use Social Media properly.

Both posts were meant to entice Ugandans so they could read.

My long time followers read other stories I share and were not jumping at me for the 2 stories.  I thank all my followers because they encourage me to keep on writing, researching and writing.  I will never thank them enough.

Many of these friends have told me that they read everything I share.  It is a lot of responsibility when people tell you to speak truth.  Then you must for you have no choice or else you dissapoint your people.

Uganda media is so gagged some of you must stop asking why media does not write about some things.  The regime will shut you down anytime so we do not have media freedom.

Journalists and reporters get beat up on live camera.  Being one of these groups means you live in fear and must watch what you say all the time.

Where is Uganda media on the most landslides in Bududa and Sironko?  Where are the stories on the Kasese slaughter and the mass graves?

"Poor reading habits are the enemy of civilization".  Because when you do not read, you cannot write or articulate our problems. Reading helps you to ask questions.

We are now living in a global village.  Yet far too many of you only read the headline and nothing after.  You make a very big mistake.  Read the whole damn story.

If you are dead set on attacking me, remember that I am 95% vegetarian and not paid by anyone in Uganda unlike some of you who line up for UGX 5k to abuse and sing #MuseveniPakaLast.  I could get fired by ExxonMobil or Esso tomorrow but will walk away with a descent package in dollars.

Please read with a fury.  It will be good for your brain.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Passionate about Education and Social Justice!

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