Thursday, July 13, 2017

X-files from the village #Uganda, July 13, 2017

When a person dies along the road in an accident or suddenly, his spirit remains at the spot where he died until they pick the spirit in a special ceremony.
So when Wetunga drowned in Marekerero on Tuesday of last week, it was partly because he was drunk on "Kwete" from Kimwanga market. After his Burial, they were supposed to go and collect the spirit or ghost but they didn't until now.
When a person's spirit is not collected in a ceremony dubbed "khuwamba kumuzimu" that dead person will always appear before people, his ghost will cry demanding to be brought back home. So Wetunga has appeared before many people. Today Wetaya found him in a mango tree while Wakarusa heard him crying from the well at midday. But all is not lost, they have sent for a traditional doctor from Bunyole to come and handle this issue. Only that such persons are unpredictable. He can come or may not come but we hope he comes to remove this problem once and for all.
To avert and evade the ghost of Wetunga we have stopped moving alone at lunch time in the simmering of the "liyangilwe". That is when he appears most. At night, we have been equipped with tact on how to scare the ghost away. One of this is moving while smoking a cigar. Ghosts fear fire and right now many people are using this excuse to start smoking. And when you find people frying pork, just know that they are trying to keep away this ghost. It has become a menace in the village.
The old "doctor" from Bunyole has finally arrived. He performed some rituals and tomorrow morning we shall slaughter a goat, take out the heart and hang it upon a stick until the spirit has been brought from Marekerero.
The rituals were performed. The goat was slaughtered, we washed our hands with the blood and along with the traditional doctor they went to bring the spirit. One thing that surprised us was his widow getting drunk without intoxication. She started acting drunk till she reached home. Apparently, Wetunga died while drunk and it is what caused his drowning in the great Marekerero.
After all the traditional gods have been recognized and appeased, we go to church and thank the God of church. We recognize he rules the world and all that happens is sanctioned by him. But the widow was ordered not to go to church. She may chase the spirits.
Till then we shall keep you posted!

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