Sunday, July 9, 2017

Winnie Byanyima owes #Uganda the truth. Who is #Museveni? #AgeLimit

Winnie Byanyima is the best living person we have to set a record straight and lay it out to the people of this country who is Museveni. Patriotism should over ride pride and secrecy.

At what age does one normally finish S6 today? If Museveni claims to be born in 1944 by 1964 he should be entering the university assuming that M7 did not repeat any class. According to the late Byanyima, Museveni came to his family at around the age of 16 and he was just entering secondary school. This was in the fifties. If Museveni joined Mbarara high school at the age of 16, then at what age did he enter Ntare Secondary School?

Museveni would have been born at least in 1938 for him to join Mbarara high school at the age of 16 that would be in 1954. At this time, there was no S6 and after S4 one went for what was called Cambridge Certificate of Education (CCE) for two years and upon passing it one entered the university.

According to the late Byanyima, Museveni was not very smart and there are no records indicating that Museveni ever graduated from Mbarara high school because he started a riot at that school in which one student lost his life and Museveni disappeared possibly to Mozambique. While in Mozambique he is alleged to have killed his first human being, a British journalist who was covering the war and as he was excitedly telling his story, Mr. Byanyima cut him off short telling him killing a human being is not something to brag about.

Museveni's true age is at least 79 years of age. If we go by the late Byanyima's account that Museveni went to Byanyima at the age of 16, and he was taught by the late Byanyima in Mbarara high school then there is no way Museveni could have been born in 1944 as he claims.

If a president that has been in power for over 3 decades can lie to the world that he would not accept removing the age limit and up to now he has not come forward to put the matter to rest, this guy can really steal your socks leaving you wearing your shoes until your wife asks you what happened to your socks? Were you with Museveni?

We need to move past Museveni because if a man is not truthful to himself how can he be trusted to be in power?

Nathan Span

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