Monday, July 10, 2017

What #Kenya media is not saying about CS #Nkaissery's sudden death - #Elections

This is what the media is not telling you about the timeline leading to Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery’s death. The last people Nkaissery met before he died were DP Ruto and Farouk Kibet.
When tNation Media wrote about the timeline of Nkaissery’s last moments before his death, they intentionally did not tell Kenyans that the last two people Nkaissery met at around 10.30 pm were William Ruto and Farouk Teigut Kibet. It is then after, that Nkaissery went home, collapsed and died. He arrived at the Karen Hospital already dead. The government, despite having the right information, told Kenyans that he went and died while undergoing routine check-up.
The Media is telling you that at 8.30 pm Uhuru Kenyatta called Nkaissery and they discussed about peace and security and IAAF.  The truth is this, after Nkaissery left his Harambee House office at 6pm, he went straight to Bomas. This was against the wish of Uhuru and Ruto.
There is a part of Bomas of Kenya that is now cordoned off for the Kenyan public. We have been told by a very reliable source, that there is a protected part of Bomas that has very high tech facilities installed to help rig the elections. This is a place that is out of bounds for even some CS in the government who are not 100% trusted. Nkaissery being one of the untrusted ones, breached the order and made his way in by force to know what Uhuru and Ruto were hiding there.
Despite the Courts passing a law that the Presidential votes will be counted and released at the constituency level, Uhuru and Ruto have already gone ahead and made ready a high tech centre at Bomas to rig the forthcoming elections.
We are told Nkaissery demanded to know what was happening there. He said he was the Interior CS and therefore had the right to know any security matters in the country. This is why Uhuru angrily called Nkaissery over the phone after it was reported to him that Nkaissery forced his way in there, and this was at around 8.30 pm.  Then after he met Ruto and Farouk Kibet at around 10.30 pm. Then after he went home and collapsed and died at around 1 am.  
Now Nkaissery’s widow has asked to meet Raila saying Nkaissery wanted her to convey a message to Raila. I hope she will not be stopped from meeting Raila and I also hope we will not hear that she has also died in mysterious circumstances.

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