Thursday, July 27, 2017

VIDEO: #Uganda #AgeLimit is not about age discrimination for employment #Museveni

The people who have argued that President Yoweri Museveni should not be excluded from running for a 6th term in 2021 claiming that age should not determine one's employment seem to forget a key issue which must be faced one way or another way or else shit will hit the fan.
I only know 2 countries well: Uganda and Canada.  I also know how age discrimination works in most of Europe and of course in USA (United States of Africa.  It will be by the time President Donald Trump is done with America).
When Museveni grabbed power to rule Uganda by the gun, he forced civil servants to retire at age 60.  He then later demanded that they retire at age 50 which did not fly like pigs can fly.  His forced retirement age cut offs were not based on any fact that someone above age 60 or age 50 can no longer do their job.  He is actually his own witness in this trial by the people in that he is well over age 70 and still rules and want to rule for life.
The European countries, Canada and USA have set retirement ages but none force people to retire from their jobs.  This likely is an argument that Dr. Munini Mulera was looking at.  In that people can continue to do their jobs even as they get older.  There is a big difference though.  The retirement age cut off is legislated so that no employer can force anyone to work beyond the age which is legislated.  Retirement ages range from 55 to 65 and the masses do not oppose it because one can retain their job or just retire from their employer and move onto enjoying time with their grand children, travel or go into consulting.  The age limit is when employers must start paying for your pension and OR the government can now pay you a pension since you will have worked hard enough already.
There is also something in the retirement age cut off that is a bit interesting.  Some people get jobs and get stuck in those jobs and cannot quit their jobs which pay the bills so they are stuck.  So when the retirement age rolls around, you can quit work that is no longer making you happy and usually your children have grown up and your expenses are lower so you can find a way to make ends meet.
In the countries where people have options to retire, they also have security via company and government pensions or even just government pension in which you have been contributing since age 18 so the fear of retirement is not as pronounced as what we are seeing in Uganda.  In Uganda, people tend to have only one skill and when you force them to leave that job, many do not have other means of income.
While Canada has CPP (Canada Pension Plan) and OAS (both kick in at age 67), there are people who also have company pensions so the financial stress is reduced.  In Canada as well, and this one I learned while working for a big company in Ontario, many people retire, get the company pension and government pension but also go and become consultants in their field or even become University professors (lecturers) or researchers in their field, or writers, etc.. Nebilala nebilala.
The problem of Uganda is the leaders are single minded.  They only know how to politic and steal.  They look at retirement as an assault on their way of earning income.  We are talking about people who have been robbing the country blind while in office and know they will not rob when they go into teaching, consulting or research.
Consequently, to retire Museveni when all he knows is guns, torture, murder and theft is to tell him to just drop dead.  So he is right (or his supporters are right) to force an amendment to the constitution.  About 10 years ago if Museveni had retired, he would have gotten a job teaching Political Science or Leadership in any University in Africa.  He would have avoided the mess we are in now.  Museveni is a very brilliant man.  Sadly, his advisors or the mafia around him have only told him that the only way out is for him to rule till death doth us part.  BUT to even imagine, he has over $12 Billion in off shore accounts.  He could sit on a beach in Madagascar and just push buttons on his phone to sell or buy oil stocks.
The age limit for Uganda says one cannot be a president of Uganda or a political party unless they are age 35 or older.  Two weeks ago I asked Isaac why he was not running for president of FDC (Forum for Democratic Change) because he would be really good.  Isaac has the brains.  His reply "Bae, I am not 35yrs old yet".  You see, this kind of discrimination is what we need to worry about.  In Canada you find kids as young as age 19yrs as MPs in Ottawa in parliament because as long as you can vote, you can help make decisions.  So we have kids juggling University and Parliament sessions and even just think our own Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is young.  But the same goes for Emmanuel Macron.  Young and ambitious and willing to listen, get abused, brush off the pain and keep going.
Museveni has ruled Uganda for 31 years.  In all this time, Education has become bastardized.  Healthcare has been killed.  Roads are only constructed to Kigezi or Massacre and people die on them daily.  The roads in other parts of Uganda are iffy.  Ugandans have lost land.  "Investors" have colonized Uganda.  About 92% of University graduates in Uganda do not find meaningful work for 5 to 7 years.  The unemployment rate is some 83%.  Some 10 million people are underfed.  People are dying of hunger and preventable or treatable diseases.  Corruption, theft and graft are rampant and there is no end in sight since even the people in charge of persecuting such crimes are in bed with the enemy.  Tribalism is so high and the country is annoyed.  But dare say anything and your media house will be shut down or the editors will be arrested.
Uganda has descended to the bottom of hell where now we pride ourselves on selling University graduates to Arabs as sex slaves, maids, drivers and security guards.  We always have to fly their dead bodies home when we can raise enough money to do it.  We have kids on death row in China and by the way we will take 20,000 hectares of land from people in Nakasongola to give to a Chinese while China is executing our kids whom we have failed to extradite back home to be incarcerated in Uganda.  Oh, we even give away rocks like in Tororo and Nakapiripirit but it is not only Chinese, we also give prime land to Indians, Kenyans, Somalians and only heaven knows how much land we give to Congolese, South Sudanese, Rwandese, nabalala nabalala.
In most jobs, you would get fired for doing a sucky job in the first year of your employment.  Perhaps some companies are lenient and will let you stay but in 3 to 5 years of not delivering what you promised you would deliver, you get canned and bye bye.  BUT Uganda gives 31yrs for a job that was badly done and now wants an extension on the term.  What is wrong with us?  Frankly, who do you think you are fooling by saying that Museveni must stay until he reaps big from his OIL?  Do you read the trend about oil?  Even the Shell CEO said he is gonna buy himself an electric car.  Nigeria is diversifying from oil because the boom is hasta la vista.  Venezuela is in dire straits because they relied far too much on oil.  Practically the reliance on oil is not going to ramp up the GDP of Uganda.  Did you know that many countries in Europe are phasing out cars which use petrol and diesel starting around 2020 when Museveni's oil will hit the market (which it will not because we all know there is no refinery or pipeline).
#AgeLimit for Uganda is about the continued suffering of Ugandans and how they had hoped that this would be the last term for their tormentor to rule them with bullets and tear gas.  #AgeLimit is about people being unemployed, impoverished, hungry, sick, landless, daily arrests, kidnappings, torture, assassinations and impunity to the criminals.  Uganda's #AgeLimit is really about "WHEN THE HELL DOES THIS NIGHTMARE COME TO AN END"?  Agende kubanga tuli bakoowu nyo nyo!

Martha Leah Nangalama

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