Friday, July 14, 2017

VIDEO: Open letter to whoever cares about Uganda's #AgeLimit #Museveni

I now join all the Yellow MPigs who are advocating for lifting of the age limit to allow President Yoweri Museveni to rule forever.  Awangale Ssabalwanyi.  May Museveni rule forever and even rule from his grave!
In 1980, when Museveni perceived the elections to be rigged, he went to the bush with a few of his friends.  They ate monkeys and rats and grass and returned in 1986 to throw down the government in power.  Museveni hated the 1980 elections being rigged and he did something about it.
In 1986, Museveni sailed into Kampala and told the nation that the problem of Africa is "leaders who over stay in power".  He proceeded to stay in power.
Some years later, Museveni told Ugandans that Gen. Iddi Amin and Dr. Milton Obote were swines (pigs).  He proceeded and has always put swines in leadership positions.  Now these pigs want him to rule forever.  The man is forced to keep on being the president even after Uganda has lost everything and anything which Uganda which was ever owned by the people, the people love him and he is to stay.
In the year 2013, the POMB was passed while Ugandans were undressing our mothers and sisters for wearing short skirts and did not care about the Public Assembly bill.  In that same year, many Ugandans went hunting for gay people to kill them because they did not belong.  Many of you left a track of your hate on the Internet.  Museveni gave you what you demanded for in February 2014.  To persecute and hunt down your own kids.
In May 2014, he rescinded the bill.  You, on the other hand, had made your voices very clear that you wanted to kill off a minority group of young people and you chased them away.  
Your hospitals went downhill and so did your schools and your roads and your corruption increased.  So did your daily murders.  Did you ever know that when you sanction killing off one group you also allow the regime to kill you anytime?
Today we are angry about the #AgeLimit.  But exactly why are we angry about a silly paragraph in the constitution when we were not angry about the constitution being bastardized to remove term limits or be used to allow persecution of minorities?
Today you are angry because people are dying in expensive private hospitals in Uganda.  But you were never angry about people dying in the public hospitals!
Today you are angry that "investors" repatriate their profits but you were not angry when they came in and brought in their own people to do the work.
Today you are angry about our graduates not getting jobs, but you were not angry when our graduates were on social media writing horribly and sharing nudes or even when we got pictures of slaves sold to the Arabs but today you are saying the youth are F@$#ked?
Today you are angry that you must register you SIM card but you were not angry when UTPTL was killed and foreigners were brought in for all Telecom business.
Today you are angry because the land is being given to foreigners but you were not angry when graves of our ancestors were being dug up to allow foreigners to build and grow sugar.
Today you are angry about your kids getting degrees you have sacrificed for and cannot get jobs but you were not angry about their institutions selling academic papers.
Today you are angry about the mob justice rampant in the country but you were not angry when vendors were being killed and swept off Kampala streets.
Today you are angry about the markets and schools burning down and people dying but 7 years ago, you were not angry when kids were burned in the dorms in their schools and neither were you angry when the Kasubi tombs were burned down.
Today you are angry because people in Nalufenya are tortured and show wounds but when KCCA's Agaba and his body guard shot people in Kampala for demolition and evacuation off their only known business homes, you did not cry so why do it now?
Today you are angry about all the weekly deaths of BIG people but you have never been angry about the mothers who die daily in child birth on cement floors.
Today you say that the education system must be changed.  Is this because you now see that education is so diluted that there is no hope? But it could also be because companies like Airtel and Africel prefer to hire foreigners for jobs which Ugandan graduates can do (if they really got their degrees square).
Today you are angry about corruption.  Did it ever occur to you that we lost all parastatals and all Ugandan assets because you did not stop to ask any questions why Entebbe Airport is owned by an individual?
Then some of you say that people have been displaced because of oil.  BUT did you ever stop to think who owns the oil in Uganda?
Today I hear and read people in media saying that there is persecution of journalists.  BUT when Kasese people were being slaughtered, you retained your silence so why should we care now?  The Kasese massacre in this age of the Internet will always be a mark on all the media people in Uganda who chose silence.  SILENCE in the face of persecution and injustice means you are one of the enemies.  When the war ends, we shall not remember our enemies; we shall remember all the friends who retained their silence.  SILENCE is CONSENT. 
Let President Yoweri Museveni rule forever until you all wake up.  In the mean time, remember that he brought you peace, sleep and economic development and all you have to do is file for asylum with UNHCR right in Uganda.  Yes. The good life is when you are a refugee and you all are in case you did not see it.
Martha Leah Nangalama - Proud supporter of Gen. President Yoweri Museveni for Life Presidency!
Moncton, Canada

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